If you want to make an impact with your business instead of just obsessing over your profit margin, you have to brand with strategy and audacity.

    If you want to use your expertise in a very specific way instead of just trading time for money, you have to brand with strategy and audacity.

    If you want to help actual people solve actual problems instead of just selling stuff, you have to brand with strategy and audacity.

    If you want to be your real, true, unapologetic self in your business instead of just manufacturing an identity that changes with the trends, you have to brand with strategy and audacity.

    If you want to share a message that inspires people to take action instead of just creating surface-level content in the hopes it will get attention, you have to brand with strategy and audacity.

    Strategy without audacity is boring.

    Audacity without strategy is ineffective.

    The 5 pillars in my signature method will ensure your unique brand is built with both:











    We figure out what you're really trying to accomplish with your business beyond profit, what impact you'd like to make with your work, and what gaps you want to fill with your product or service

    We decide how all of your skills, knowledge, experience, and talents all add up to form a definitive expertise that makes you uniquely qualified to create your desired impact

    We determine who's going to benefit most from your expertise, why they'll care about your work, and how the impact you want to make is going to affect them directly in their day-to-day lives

    We refine your real personality, beliefs, and ideals into a cohesive and genuine identity that allows you to be specific and strategic, but also allows you to be a real human - not a business

    We package it all up into a clear, concise message that empowers you to show up frequently and consistently so you can say the same thing over and over and over again in fresh new ways


    Before working with Asia I felt FRUSTRATED- I’d been working on my business steadily for over 2 years and I felt like I had nothing to show for it. I love working with clients and I’ve always felt confident in my ability to help people accomplish their goals, but I had such a hard time knowing HOW to communicate to potential clients how much I can help them in a way they’ll understand. It felt like everything I tried kept leading to dead ends and lack of improvement with client acquisition, content creation, and marketing.

    The most frustrating part was that I WANTED guidance from someone who could help me make improvements… I worked with 2 different business coaches, joined 2 group coaching programs, and worked through countless online courses in brand messaging, copywriting, email marketing, sales page/website construction, funnels, and social media content creation.

    Every step of the way was helpful and I was gaining SO much knowledge and experience, but still… I had no idea HOW to integrate all of this knowledge and enthusiasm into a cohesive strategy. I had all of the knowledge and information I needed, but I didn’t know what to DO with it to actually get results (especially when nothing I tried was working). I didn’t know what to focus on and when, and I always felt uncertain about where to invest my time and effort. I kept jumping between working on my offers, marketing, and website… but it all became increasingly disjointed, and I melted into an indecisive mess wasting all of my mental energy trying to figure out what to do next. My mind was jumbled and I was constantly wondering what to focus on: Should I rework my offers? Should I redo my sales page (again)? How can I reach more people? What do I even want to talk about to the people I am reaching?!

    When I first reached out to Asia I had a million questions about my offers, website, and sales process. Brand strategy was the furthest thing from my mind, because I never would have defined my problem as a branding problem. But Asia’s ability to efficiently explain what brand strategy actually was (and more importantly, what it can DO for me) was like a lightbulb suddenly lit up in my brain. THIS is what I was looking for… I realized that brand strategy was the missing piece. Brand strategy was the way to bring all of my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm into a cohesive roadmap. Brand strategy is a tool to communicate to potential clients EXACTLY who I am and how I can help them (in a way they can actually understand), AND a roadmap to help me build a solid foundation to finally turn my efforts into real results with growing my business.

    The combination of the 4 hour Brand Strategy Session plus working with Asia over 3 months helped cut out the confusion, focus my efforts, and to finally GROW my business. The brand strategy session helped give me clarity on my messaging and how to communicate exactly what I do and how I can help people in a way they can understand immediately, and the 3 months of structured support was exactly what I needed to take action and implement changes into my business.

    The structure that Asia provided freed up SO much of my mental energy, because I could completely focus on taking actions without constantly second-guessing if I was doing the “right thing.” I never realized before how much energy I spent analyzing if I was focusing on the right area of my business, and wondering what I should be doing on any given day. Having Asia’s guidance through the process of testing and implementing these changes saved me SO much time, effort, and energy… anytime I hit a roadblock, Asia quickly provided guidance and got me moving in the right direction again, which shortened the learning curve dramatically. I no longer felt like every wrong turn was a huge setback where I had to stop everything in my business to try and figure out what went wrong… I just reached out to Asia and she quickly and efficiently helped me turn potential failure into productive actions.

    Asia helped me to finally realize that it’s not Knowledge + Experience + Action => Results, it's STRATEGY + Action => Results.

    I finally have a business that's successful, both with income and impact. Asia helped me to distill my signature method and to apply it to one single offer, which I worried would be limiting but I actually LOVE it. This is the first time EVER that I feel completely solid in my messaging and communication. Potential clients reach out to me on a daily basis, which is something that never happened 6 months ago. Asia’s come up with brilliant ideas for marketing and visibility that I never would have come up with on my own. She helped me to figure out what works with content creation and marketing, and how to combine everything into an efficient, streamlined, repeatable process.

    Asia helped me to set up the foundation of my brand, and then together we added the structure and strategies to help me gain traction and GROW. I finally feel like all of my years of hard work are coming together in a way that I can actually grow and feel excited about everything to come. If you are someone who is 1000% committed to your business and you’re willing to put in the work, but you need structure, accountability, and guidance… then Asia will be your secret weapon. If you’re ready to transform your random efforts into strategic results, then take the leap and get ready to grow!!

    - Jillie L., Owner of Introvert Attraction

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    5. I'll send you your Brand Strategy Guideline within 3 business days

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    7. You'll receive your first audit + action plan on your month one start date

    8. You'll get to work on your action plan, will full support from me as needed

    9. Repeat steps 6 - 8 for months two and three

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