Is this just a cleverly disguised sales call? IS IT A TRAP?!

    ​Why are these free?

    I can certainly tell you everything I know about branding (and you know I do 😂), but until you understand how it actually applies to YOUR business, it’s just information. So I designed these audits to give you a commitment-free way to see the potential of your one-of-a-kind brand AND test out the waters of what working with me will be like!

    It’s not a trap! If after we go through your audit I feel like I have a product or service that will help you take next steps, hell yeah I’ll invite you to that pressure-free conversation (because the entire reason my business exists is to help entrepreneurs build their brands). It’ll be a no-pressure invitation though, and whether or not you decide to work with me I pinky-swear you’ll get a ton of value from your audit.