Beaches over ballrooms. Campfires over color schemes. Trails over traditions. Kegs over cocktails. Dirty feet over designer heels. Feelings over formalities. Scenery over seating charts. Personality over perfection.

    It probably didn't take long after you announced your engagement to be inundated with opinions about what a wedding “should” be. I believe brides + grooms deserve the kind of celebration that truly feels like a reflection of them, but it's easy to get weighed down with checklist, formalities, traditions, and family drama. As you plan your wedding or elopement, I hope you're empowered to make it the celebration you actually want instead of the one you think you should have.

    If you’re looking for a photographer who will follow you + your fiancé up a mountain rain or shine, who will help you with planning, decisions, and logistics, who will tell you when your hair is sticking up weird, who will work behind-the-scenes to make your day as magical as possible, who will stand back and anticipate candid moments instead of forcing you into stiff poses, and who will put your whiskey flask in her camera bag because your dress doesn’t have pockets, I’m your girl.


    •Your morning mimosas are really just champagne with a splash of orange juice
    •You think the mud on the bottom of your dress completes the look
    •Your dog is an honorary member of the bridal party
    •You don’t bother re-curling your hair before the reception because you don’t want to miss out on any dancing
    •You’re less into pretty details and more into partying with your people
    •You’re okay with sneaking out at sunset for a few more photos with your gorgeous new spouse
    •You want your wedding to be an experience, not just an event
    •You want a photographer who will work with you to bring your wedding day vision to life instead of forcing you into theirs

    "People are never perfect, but love can be."

    starting at $3000
    starting at $1500

    Please contact me for a full pricing guide! I’d love to hear how I can help make your celebration incredible.
    (YES, I travel!)