1) An empty toilet paper roll. 2) Hiring a photographer. 3) Sharks.

    Choosing and booking a photographer might feel like a daunting task, but a big part of my job description is walking you through the process. Before stepping in front of my camera you may feel a little nervous and a lot awkward. But I got your back.

    I promise to tell you when your hair is sticking up, what to do with your hands, and that I’ll never ask you to say cheese. You don’t need to show up to your portrait session with a Pinterest board full of ideas, and you don’t need to have every detail of your wedding planned. Instead, let’s work together to create art that really feels like you. I’d much rather bring your vision to life instead of forcing you into mine.

    The whole process is easier than eating an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in one sitting, and it all begins with a visit to my contact page. Tell me about yourself, what I can help you with, and any other important information you think I should know (like what kind of dog you have, your dog's name, and a list of your dog's favorite toys).

    For couples sessions we’ll work out a date, time, and location that works best for you. Once I receive your signed contract and retainer fee your date will officially be reserved! If you’re looking for a wedding or elopement photographer, let's schedule a coffee, beer, or Skype date to talk about your big day and how I can help make it incredible.

    Ready to book?