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    Standing still and staring at the camera is out. Walking through the forest while laughing at their dumb (yet adorable) jokes is in. Because the way your hands fit together, the dimples they get when they look at you, and that one piece of hair they’re always pushing behind your ear? Those aren't just the little things. They're everything.

    So instead of stiff poses and plastered-on expressions, let's keep it genuine. Whether you want to hike a mountain, cuddle in a coffee shop, stroll the shoreline, or spend the morning in your sun-filled living room, my goal is always to make art that’s a true representation of your connection instead of just more snapshots of your smiles.

    "Two people struggling to find themselves with the help of the other person...that's really what love is."

    "We're SO awkward in front of the camera!"
    -every couple I work with, ever
    Having a camera in your face can feel weird. I get it. That’s why I’ll always give you enough direction to get started, but then step back to let the magic happen on its own. I’ll tell you if your hair is sticking up, what to do with your hands, and I promise to NEVER ask you to say cheese.

    a session includes:

    2 Hours Shoot Time
    Minimum 60 Edited Images
    High Resolution Files
    Online Viewing & Ordering Gallery
    Free Shipping on Print Orders
    Location Of Your Choice + Three Outfits

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