This is where I’m supposed to tell you I’ve had a passion for photography since I was born, that I use my camera to freeze time, that I want to create images you can pass down for generations, and lots of other tired clichés about memories and legacies and moments and heirlooms and shit.

    The truth? One summer day in 2013, after quitting my secure and responsible bank job to backpack around Thailand, my brain was like, "Hey Asia, you don't know what the hell you're doing with your life. We should try out this photography thing maybe?" So I did. And I fell in love with it. Honestly, my story is pretty ordinary. And I think you might feel that way about your story, too.

    But just because it's ordinary doesn't mean it's not magic.

    We've become blind to the power of our everyday lives. We look ahead to society-approved milestones, compare ourselves to spurious strangers on the internet, and are constantly told that if we want to be happy we need to have more, do more, be more.

    So I’m doing my best to put a fresh spin on yet another photography business. Because the more stories I tell with my camera, the more I realize I’m not driven by the desire to “capture memories you’ll cherish forever,” but to offer a new perspective on right now. To show you the allure of simplicity. To create art that serves not just as a memory, but as a reminder. A reminder to let yourself be inspired by the quiet, subtle, seemingly insignificant present.

    meet asia


    I live in Olympia, Washington with my dude Johnny and our weird dog Tamale. When there’s not a camera in front of my face I’m usually on the hunt for a new hiking trail, yelling at the tv with an xbox controller in one hand and a beer in the other, or online shopping for trendy hats I’ll never wear. I like hanging out with people who make cool art and have big dreams, reading entire books in one sitting, and sitting around campfires until it’s tomorrow.

     I definitely travel for intimate weddings & elopements. I definitely have a candy pocket in my camera bag. And I definitely love working with people who will stay out in the cold for a few more photos after the sun goes down.

    I believe in bottle openers on keychains, lifting others up, laughing ‘til I snort, creating my own happiness, keeping promises, and that real bravery is eating tacos in a white shirt.

    these are a few of my favorite things

    1. Parties where I can bring my dog and not wear a dress
    2. Watching storms from the beach
    3. The pizza tracker at
    4. Impromptu road trips to the coast
    5. Not being a mom
    6. Champagne for no reason
    7. Time travel romance novels
    8. Staying up too late on weeknights
    9. Eating cookies that someone else made
    10. People who don’t take themselves too seriously

    Curious what working with me is like?