tools + resources

    Welcome to the Big List of Awesome Resources!
    Here you'll find programs, apps, groups, courses, ebooks, and software that will make this entrepreneur thing easier, more efficient, and overall just better. I use every one of these in my own business, so consider them stamped with the asia dore seal of approval.


    A client management software for creatives. Send contracts, invoices, and questionnaires. Send automatic payment reminders. Accept e-signatures and credit card payments. Keep your workflow organized. Easily connect with other industry professionals. Basically: finally get your shit together.


    FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: An online client gallery delivery service. Give a sleek and professional delivery experience. Set passwords and download PINs. Sell print products and set your own prices. Basically: give your clients the WOW factor.


    An Instagram post planner + scheduler. See your photos in grid-form before posting. Edit in the app. Save and manage groups of hashtags. Getreminders when it's time to post. View insights & see when your followers are most active. Basically: get your posting done FAST so you can get back to work.


    A website hosting service. Incredible 24/7 customer service. Affordable fees. Offers domains & WordPress hosting. Free SSL certificate for a secure website. Daily backups in case you accidentally delete your entire website (been there). Basically: tech stuff is complicated; you deserve great service and support.


    A mileage tracking app. Keeps track of your trips automatically. Updates with the current year's rates. Easily swipe to categorize trips. Download monthly reports. Basically: if you use your personal vehicle for business, deduct that shit!


    A badass community of entrepreneurs who share their knowledge, support each other, and find the most hilarious gifs for every situation. Get inspired in the Facebook group. Learn awesome stuff in weekly emails. Basically: being an entrepreneur isn't easy, find a group of people who get you.


    FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: An album design software. Click-and-drag into pre-made templates. Easily organize photos. Automatic warnings alert you to any design issues. Export files and upload straight to your print lab. Basically: make designing albums fun again.