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    As soon as you purchase The Brand Job, you'll get instant access to Module 1: The Basics of Branding so you can begin the program with a solid understanding of what a brand actually is, why building a strong one is important, and what we'll be focusing on to clarify yours. Regardless of how much branding knowledge you have or how long you've been in business, the pre-work material will allow you to confidently start The Brand Job on a level playing field.

    We'll start strong in week one by focusing on your personal identity and how your life experiences have influenced your beliefs. Whether you're a textbook introvert, you despise writing, you're camera shy, or you're nervous to share personal stuff online, I promise what you uncover about yourself this week will jumpstart your desire to start showing up as yourself in your business. By taking the time to discover the nuances of your identity and learn how to use your quirks as strengths, you'll unlock the secret to building a brand that's unique!

    If it feels like you're missing the magic ingredient for successful marketing, week two's ideal client work is going to blow your mind! This is NOT your average customer avatar worksheet – we'll dive deep into the psychology of your ideal clients so you can discover precisely what they want, and more importantly: why they want it. No more stumbling over your words when you talk about your products and services. No more worrying about offending someone when you share your beliefs. No more staring at a blinking cursor while you frantically rack your brain for an Instagram caption. During this week you'll figure out exactly who you're talking to so you can understand exactly how to get their attention with your marketing.

    In week three we'll refine and restructure your newly-discovered concepts (like what really sets you apart in your industry, the captivating story behind your brand, and how your offer changes lives) so you can start mapping it all out with strategy and intention. You won't feel like you're stuck with a scattered mess of ideas anymore – this week you'll see a definitive brand finally begin to take shape!

    Finally, the finishing touch: positioning your brand in your industry by articulating exactly what you do, exactly how you do it, and exactly who you do it for. During our last week together we'll summarize everything you've discovered into a simple brand guideline that you can return to whenever it's time to introduce a new offer, niche and pivot, or change marketing tactics. Your newfound brand clarity will help you not only create a fun and efficient business now, but also allow you to easily expand and evolve in the future.


    • You'll see 5 in-depth PDF modules with step-by-step workbooks, which you can work through on your computer or tablet (or print if you prefer pen to paper)

    • You'll receive an instant invite to my private Facebook group where you'll not only be supported and held accountable by me, you'll also get to rub elbows with other like-minded business owners in diverse industries who are on their own paths to brand clarity

    • You'll feel immensely supported by four weekly group coaching calls where you'll get answers to specific questions, feedback on your ideas, and inspiration from the rest of The Brand Job community

    • You'll have lifetime access to the program materials and Facebook group so you can continuously return whenever you need to refresh your brand or refocus your business

    • You'll know that you're not alone on this brand clarity journey - if you have questions, want clarification, or just need a motivational kick in the ass, you'll have four full weeks of hands-on support PLUS lifetime access to me and The Brand Job Facebook community

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