a good headshot shows what you look like.

    a great headshot shows who you are.

    Your work is why clients hire you, so it makes sense to assume they're really only interested in seeing your work, right?

    WRONG. (Sorry for yelling, but this is important.)

    The truth is, your audience is dying to know who's behind  the work.

    It's why storytelling is the new marketing.
    It's why authenticity is key when it comes to building trust with your audience.
    It's why about pages are the most-visited on a website.
    And if you've ever posted a selfie on your business social media accounts, you've seen the engagement skyrocket compared to your other posts.

    People want to connect with other people.

    And a great headshot is paramount in this connection, because it's your opportunity to make a memorable first impression.

    Here's what a  great headshot  says about you:

    You're a professional.

    You're trustworthy.

    You're running a legitimate business.

    You're a real person.

    You care about quality.

    In this online world, attention spans are short.
    There are popups waiting to be clicked on.
    There are Instagram comments waiting to be replied to.
    There are videos of cute dogs in booties waiting to be watched.

    In other words: you're constantly competing for attention.
    And if your competition is as fierce as cute dogs in booties, you'd better make damn sure your first impression is a captivating one.

    meet asia

    (she's your photographer)

    The word “headshot” stirs up images of crisp power suits, fake smiles, and bright studio lights, but ​actually your headshots can be anything you want them to be. Wear a crisp power suit, or wear jeans and a t-shirt. Be in the studio, or be outside. Hire a hair and makeup artist, or don't. There's not a “right” way to do this; there's only the way that makes the most sense for you and your brand.


    You don't need to know how to model. You don't need to know what to wear, how to stand, where to look, or what to do with your hands. I'm all about providing a quality final product but a casual and fun experience, because I get that being in front of the camera feels awkward and vulnerable. So all you need to do is show up and trust me – I'll take care of the rest.


    There's a secret when it comes to incredible headshots:


    Variety is your new best friend.

    (Also maybe concealer. And perhaps a flask. Oh - and me, duh.)

    Our recipe for variety:





    STEP 1: You contact me using the button below.We talk about your business and vision, and decide together whether I'm the right photographer for you

    STEP 2: Once your agreement is signed and 50% retainer is paid, you are officially IN THE BOOKS, BABY

    STEP 3: We plan the details your session, including location and outfits

    STEP 4: We meet for your session and have the best time (this is mandatory)

    STEP 5: I retouch your photos and deliver them within four weeks


    A location of your choice
    One hour shooting time
    Three outfits
    Twenty retouched images
    High-resolution files
    Commercial use license

    $497 + tax
    (additional fees may include travel and studio rentals, if applicable)

    the type of images you'll receive:


    Create a stronger connection to you as a person instead of just a business

    lifestyle // in the studio

    Share what happens behind the scenes to create a great product or service

    product // service

    Make your clients fall in love with your offering before they even experience it 

    brand element details

    Add even more interest, variety, and cohesiveness to your imagery

    Contact me to get started: