let's just cut to the chase:

    you are really damn good at what you do.

    You've spent countless hours perfecting your craft, you go above and beyond for every single client, and you're constantly striving to improve so you can better serve your audience.

    There's just one problem: you're not attracting the right people because your visual content is disjointed, boring, and doesn't accurately represent your brand or the quality of what you do. 


    And you can certainly tell people all the reasons why you're great.
    But if you really want to command their attention?

    First you have to show them.

    This is brand photography for makers and doers who are ready to show up in their business, attract next-level clients, and take center stage in their industry.

    Because it's one thing to be visible, but it's completely another to be seen.

    Hi, I'm Asia!

    I've created my signature brand photography experience because I understand the effort you've put into building a business you're proud of.

    I understand how much time and money you've invested into education and practice.

    I understand how passionate you are about your industry.

    I understand how frustrating it is to provide a top quality product or service and STILL get inquiries from price-shoppers.

    But I also know this:

    When you're able to express your brand visually by showcasing your unique personality and the quality of what you do - that's the first step in getting your ideal clients to notice you.


    ✓Gain recognition for being unique in your industry (without having to scream "PAY ATTENTION TO ME” on the daily)

    ✓Confidently talk to potential clients about your products and services (hair flip tutorial included)

    ✓Attract clients who understand the value of what you do (because you work hard, and you deserve to get paid for it)

    ✓Look great in your photos without even trying (it's kind of my specialty)

    ✓Take the stress out of finding the perfect image for your project (stress should be reserved for nights when the Taco Bell drive-thru is closed)

    ✓Feel pride instead of dread when sending someone to your website (and make it rain business cards)

    ✓Use your precious time for real work instead of attempting to take just one decent cell phone photo (because the real work is why you started this business in the first place)

    In other words: I'll help you articulate your high-end brand with cohesive and professional imagery so you can get back to being incredible at what you do, and get paid top dollar to do it.

    amanda joyce, hairstylist

    "When I first met you, my visual brand presence was sorta there... I knew it was lacking some things, I just didn’t know what exactly. You helped me see that what I really needed to do first was to dig a little deeper and get comfortable putting myself out there, my actual self. You helped me see what was unique about me, my work, and my approach to the beauty industry as a whole, which is a gift I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for, truthfully. 

    What you gave me was so much more than beautiful photos. In addition to making me look like I have my shit together (that’s a first), having you do my brand photos gave me the confidence to put my real actual self out there in a way I never have before—and the response has been wonderful!

    I’ve been a busy hairstylist for a while now, but the difference is that now I’m busy with more of the exact clients I want. The ones who sought me out for who I am, what I offer, and the way I offer it. As a result, I’m feeling more fulfilled after a day of work instead of burnt out and grumpy. It’s been quite the shift and it would not have been possible without you!"

    this is how it all goes down:



    In order to create images that capture the essence of your brand, I first need to understand it. And if you don't quite feel like you have a grasp on it yet, that's okay! Because if you're at the point in your business where you're ready to invest in brand photography, there's a pretty good chance you already have all the necessary pieces. You just need some help pulling them together. After you fill out the form below, we'll begin with a quick video call so I can learn about you and your business and we can decide together whether I'm the best photographer for your brand. After our agreement is signed and your first payment is received, I'll send a questionnaire that will help you define your brand, your ideal client, and your current goals.



    During this stage we'll discuss all the logistics of your session – date time, and location, but also what you should wear, the types of photographs that will make the most sense for your brand, and which props to pull in. Sorting out these details prior to your session will maximize efficiency so we can make the most of our time together! THREE CHEERS FOR EFFICIENCY!



    This is where we'll pull together everything we talked about in steps 1 and 2 and bring it all to life! During your session you might feel nervous, vulnerable, and a little weird - but I got you. I'll guide the structure of the session, I'll direct you in a way that feels natural, and I promise I'll never ask you to say cheese. Most sessions are between 1 – 3 hours long, but this varies for each project. I always prioritize delivering great photos over the time it takes to create them.



    After our photoshoot is wrapped up, I'll get to work on color toning and retouching your images. This is an extremely important part of my process, as I take great care to make sure every single one of your photos is edited consistently as part of a complete set. The more cohesive your brand visuals are, the faster you can start building trust with your audience because they'll know what they can expect from you.



    Your 100+ photos will be delivered within four weeks of your session via an online password-protected gallery. As soon as you sign in to your gallery, you'll have instant access to download your high-resolution files so you can start getting noticed by the right people immediately.



    Remind your audience that you're an actual person, not just a business

    lifestyle / in the studio

    Share what happens behind the scenes to create a great product or service

    brand element details

    Add even more interest, variety, and cohesiveness to your imagery

    the type of images you'll receive:


    Remind your audience that you're an actual person, not just a business

    lifestyle / in the studio

    Share what happens behind the scenes to create a great product or service

    brand element details

    Add even more interest, variety, and cohesiveness to your imagery

    Sessions start at $1497.

    contact me for availability: