You’re not making any sales, and it’s starting to feel like no one actually wants to buy from you.


    1. The Business Card Rule

    2. The Drunk Influencer

    3. The 411 Conundrum

    4. The Lumpy Oatmeal

    5. The Worst Guy at The Party

    6. The G.A.S Effect

    7. The Politician Condition

    8. The Office Building

    9. The Judge Judy

    10. The Believer Paradox

    11. The Call Me, Maybe

    12. The Martyr Complex

    13. The Juggle Troubles

    14. The Improv Class

    15. The Whiskey Barrel


    Your ideal clients are out there looking for you right now - make it easy for them to find you!

    Wake up to new inquiries and orders in your inbox

    (Not having to generate leads in real time? Hell yeah!)

    Spend minimal time on content creation each week

    (Since you’ll have a dependable and automatic system in place)

    Talk about your product or service in a way that feels natural and fun

    (The miracle cure for Sleazy Car Salesman Syndrome)

    Stop marketing in the ways you hate

    (No more awkward TikTok dances! No more blogging! No more LinkedIn!)

    Close sales quickly and easily

    (Because your marketing will do the heavy lifting on your behalf)



    I suck at marketing, but I also hate it. Will I get anything out of this class?

    Marketing is an essential part of having a successful business, so the quicker you can learn to love it, the better! But in order to love marketing, first you have to figure out why you hate it - and this class will absolutely help you do that.


    Will I have to share a fun fact about myself with the rest of the students?

    No. God, no. I would never do that to you. The class is pre-recorded, not live, so you can watch it at your convenience!


    Do I have to take notes?

    You can certainly take notes if you’re into that sort of thing- but you don’t have to! Your purchase grants you lifetime access to the class, which means you can pause, rewind, fast forward, and rewatch it infinity times. You’ll also be able to download the slide deck AND a PDF workbook that will help you organize your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas!


    What happens after I buy the class?

    As soon as you purchase How to Suck Less at Marketing, you’ll receive an email with instructions for instant access. And when I say instant access, I mean it - check your email right away and watch the video whenever it’s convenient!


    You said you don’t teach any strategies in this class, but what if I need one?

    This class will help you determine what kind of strategy will work best for you - but if you need help with actually developing one, click here to book a Happy Hour Intensive!


    What if I’m already pretty good at marketing?

    If you know your marketing could be more effective, I promise this class will teach you how to make it more effective. And if your marketing is already bringing you consistent clients and customers but you're ready to level up, I’d recommend a Brand Strategy Session instead.