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Entrepreneurship is just like any other office job, except the office is built on a rollercoaster, the rollercoaster is made of emotions, and you're the CEO, CFO, COO, Director, President, and janitor of the whole damn theme park.

Overall you're chugging along the rails at a steady pace. You're showing up every day to do the work/hustle hard/make waves/whatever other catchphrase is hot for entrepreneurs right now. Your planner is full, your finances are mostly in order, and you feel like you might actually be getting the hang of this business thing.  

Then one day, when you least expect it, your momentum slows.

It's a day that begins like any other; you wake up, grab a cup of coffee and your laptop, sit down to work, and that's when it hits you: the sudden realization that you have NO idea what to focus on. You've been so caught up in the daily to-dos and busy work that you don't even have time to dream big anymore. You just feel...off. Disconnected. It's a feeling in the pit of your stomach; you know something is missing, but you can't figure out what. 

Sure, you have a to-do list three miles long, but there's a big difference between a list that helps your business grow and one that helps it merely survive. It's easy to know what you're working on, but what are you working toward?

​•You don't know what to focus on, so the work you do feels disjointed and superficial

  • •You're always working, yet you don't really feel productive
  • •You never seem able to achieve your goals, no matter how badly you want them
  • •You sit down to plan, but have no idea where to start
  • •You're always one step behind, and your days are spent catching up
  • •Your days don't have structure, so you're half-assing and procrastinating instead of doing work that really matters

If any of these sound familiar, one of two things happened:

​1) you outgrew your business


2) your business outgrew you 

​Would you believe me if I told you this feeling is actually a good thing? As uncomfortable as it is, it's a clear sign of growth. It only becomes a bad thing if, when you start to feel it creeping up, you do nothing about it. And the sooner you take action​, the sooner you can get back to doing the work you love and growing a business you're proud of. 


​There are two things that will help you get back into the swing of things fast: ​journaling and defining tangible goals. Easier said than done, right? You've wanted to do both for a long time, but you haven't started because you don't know how. You get so caught up in the “right” way to do them that you end up not doing them at all.

The truth? There's no wrong way. But there are a whole bunch of right ways, and combining the two has worked best for me. This is the strategy you'll use in Intents & Purposes. Think of it as the right-est way; the way that will help you plan for success in the most efficient way possible so you can create more space in your days to do the work you're actually passionate about. 

Because if you're going to stay on the rollercoaster, it should be worth the ride.  

Would you believe me if I told you this feeling is actually a good thing? As uncomfortable as it is, it's a sign of growth. It only becomes a bad thing if, when you start to feel it creeping up, you do nothing about it. And the sooner you take action to get back on track, the sooner you can get back to doing the work you love and growing a business you're proud of.

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How does Intents & Purposes work?

There's endless information available to entrepreneurs, which is both a blessing and a curse. We often get so fixated on finding the answers from outside sources that we forget how effective it can be to focus inward. For this reason Intents & Purposes is self-paced; there's a lot of power in self-discovery and feeling confident in our own decisions. The workbook will guide you through the journaling process with a series of prompts that will inspire you to dig deep. It's split into four sections:

1. The Who focuses on your ideal clients, how you're currently serving them, and how you actually want to be serving them

2. The What focuses on your current products and/or services, which ones are keepers, which ones should be retired, and the possibility of updating or adding more

3. ​The how focuses on the way you're structuring your days, what's working for your productivity, and where you can improve

4. ​The WhY focuses on the big picture: your core purpose as an entrepreneur and bringing your passion back into your business

At the end of each section we'll summarize and break down your thoughts to formulate your new, actionable goals.

How do I know if this workbook is right for me?

You'll get the most out of Intents & Purposes if you've been in business a year or more and are feeling out of touch with your core purpose as an entrepreneur, are not sure what you should be focusing on in your day-to-day schedule, or are feeling more like a worker bee than a #BOSS. I don't recommend diving into this if you're just starting out because it's impossible to know what works best for you and what's not a good fit if you haven't tried it all, ya dig?


Hi, I'm Asia, and I launched my business in 2014 with essentially NO idea how to have a business. I dove in head first by planning out my business model, designing a logo, choosing branding colors, and adopting a writing style. Ta-da! There it was, my business and brand! Done forever. 

It seems ridiculous looking back. I wasted so much time feeling stuck in the choices I had made without even realizing I was stuck. I fell into the daily grind, vainly attempting to finish my never-ending To Do list, and it wasn't until I stepped back and looked at my business with fresh perspective that I realized how lost I was. Suddenly asia dore photography didn't even really feel like mine; like I had no control over it. I felt disconnected from my brand, every time I spoke to my audience I was faking my voice, and work felt like a chore because even though I was showing up every day, I was working too much in my business and not enough on it.

When I finally realized it was okay to adapt and evolve and test and change I noticed results almost instantly. I felt confident about which marketing courses to invest in and how to reach my ideal clients. I had direction and focus and my days were spent working toward what I wanted my business to look like long-term instead of on countless hours struggling to beat my to-do list.

I've since worked my way through several photo editing styles, three rebrands, four websites, two states, and multiple ideal client profiles in a fairly short amount of time. I've finally settled on a business and brand that truly feel like a representation of me (for now!), but if I didn't learn to embrace the stages of change I never would have arrived here.

reUse forever

This is an interactive workbook, so you're able to return to it again and again whenever you start to feel disconnected. No more wasted days and existential crises; start setting goals efficiently and confidently!


Stop worrying about the "right way" to set goals; Intents & Purposes takes care of that part for you. Dive right in and get back on track so your business starts giving you freedom instead of tying you down.


Power through your burn-out, skip the feeling of being lost, and wake up excited to get to work. Create a clear path to the business you want and get straight back into doing what you love with purpose.

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