happy hour intensives

    60 minute strategy sessions for those annoying times when you have no idea wtf to do next


    So business is going... fine.


    how does this work?

    1. Submit the inquiry form below. Tell me about you, your business, your goals, what's working, what's not working, and where you think you might be getting stuck.

    2. Right after hitting send, you'll receive a link to my calendar via email- choose a session time and date that works best for you, then sign our agreement and submit payment.

    3. We'll meet for your session via Zoom, where we'll spend 60 intense (YET FABULOUS) minutes diagnosing what’s stopping you from hitting your goals and then figure out which simple actions will get you moving again.

    4. Afterward, you'll get an email from me that summarizes everything we talked about and lays out your step-by-step action plan (you'll also get a link to download your recording).

    5. SEPTEMBER-ONLY BONUS You'll have access to me over the following week via the voice messaging app Voxer! I'll be available during regular office hours for business-related support including accountability and feedback, to answer any new questions that come up, as a listening ear if you need to vent or talk through decisions, and to spill champagne all over myself as I dance around and cheer you on! I respond to messages Monday - Friday within 48 hours (but usually much sooner).






    • A 60 minute Zoom meeting where we'll diagnose where you're getting stuck, and then work together to develop a step-by-step action plan for you to move forward

    • A summary email that lays out everything we talked about during our meeting, your detailed action plan, and a replay of the call (so you don't have to take notes!)

    • A BONUS week of Voxer support for accountability, feedback, to talk through decisions, work through mindset blocks, and as a listening ear if you need to vent about business-related annoyances (bonus disappears in October)