happy hour intensives

    60 minute strategy sessions for those annoying times when you have no idea wtf to do next


    So business is going... fine.


    how does this work?

    1. Hit the button below and submit the inquiry form! Tell me about you, your business, what's working, what's not working, where you'd like to be, and where you think you're getting stuck

    2. You'll receive a link to my calendar via email- choose a session time and date that works best for you, then sign our agreement and submit payment

    3. We'll meet for your session via Zoom, where we'll spend 60 intense (YET GLORIOUS) minutes tackling what's holding you back so we can figure out the necessary steps to get you moving again

    4. You'll get an email from me that summarizes everything we talked about and lays out your step-by-step action plan

    5. I'll email you two weeks later to check on your progress, answer any new questions that come up, and spill champagne all over myself as I jump up and cheer you on!





    after happy hour, you'll be able to:

    ✓Spend less time with your dull to-do list and more time tapping into your creative energy

    ✓Break down your big goals into small, actionable steps so you can strategically track your progress

    ✓Begin your workdays with confidence, knowing you're putting energy into the right tasks

    ✓Make empowered decisions from a place of enthusiasm instead of desperation

    ✓Market with intention so you can feel proud of the business you're creating

    ✓Start building the business you actually want instead of the one you think you should have


    • A 60 minute Zoom meeting where we'll diagnose where you're getting stuck, and then work together to develop a step-by-step action plan for you to move forward

    • A summary email that lays out everything we talked about during our meeting plus a replay of the call (so you don't have to take notes!)

    •A two-week email check in where I'll check your progress, offer feedback, and answer any additional questions you may have