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I've never had professional photos taken before. How does this work?

It’s actually pretty easy! You can read all about the asia dore experience here.

Do we need to practice poses before our session?

Nope! I don’t expect you to show up and be models. It’s my job to direct you in a way that feels natural so you receive photographs that are unique to you.

What do we do if it's raining the day of our session?

You have a few options if it’s raining the day of your session, and you can read about them here.

Can we bring our dog to our session?

Honestly if you’re not planning to bring your dog don’t even bother showing up.

What should we wear to our session?

A portrait session is a special occasion, so of course you’ll want to look your best. But, yeah…what does that mean? Let’s break it down.

What's included in a session?

You can view session features in depth by checking out “pricing” in the top menu.

What happens after our session?

About 3 weeks after your session you’ll receive an email from me with a link to a password-protected online gallery. That’s how you’ll be able to share your images with friends and families, download your files for web sharing, and order prints. More instructions & tips will be included in your email, so there’s no need to worry – I’ll walk you through all of it.

After we receive our photos can we edit them with those rad Instagram filters?

Nope! I totally understand you want to share your brand new pictures with the world, which is why I include web-sized digital files in every package. But when you invest in me as your photographer you are getting my artistic vision, which includes not only the photos I take but also the way they are edited. I’ll spend hours after your session processing your images with my signature style. If the photos were altered after delivery they would no longer be a true representation of my work. Ya dig?

I see you're in Olympia, Washington, but we're getting married somewhere else. Do you travel for weddings and elopements?

Yes, yes, a billion times yes! Please contact me about your big day and we’ll discuss details over email or Skype!

Will we get a CD of all our images?

What’s a CD? Ha!! Okay, just kidding. You won’t get a CD, but you’ll be able to download your photographs right from your online gallery.

Do you offer print packages?

You have your own unique style, needs, and vision (I love that about you). My print products are offered à la carte and priced individually so you have the freedom to make your own choices. That being said, I’m always happy to offer recommendations to make the process as easy as possible for you.

What are your travel fees?

There are no travel fees for services within 25 miles of Olympia, Washington. If I’m driving to your location, the rate is $30 per hour of driving time. Otherwise, fees may include airfare, a rental care, and private accommodations.

Can't you just give us the high resolution digital files so we can print them somewhere cheap?

I’m all about making sure your photos are shareable, so you’ll receive digital files for the web as part of your session package. I totally understand that for things like holiday cards you’ll need larger files, so high resolution photos (with rights to print) are available for purchase à la carte.

When you order prints from your online gallery you’re not just paying for paper with some ink on it, you’re investing in the artwork that’s on the paper. Artwork that has been curated specifically for you. Artwork that tells your story and deserves to be displayed in the best way possible. Your online gallery will be connected to my professional lab, and an order through it guarantees your photographs will arrive in the highest quality. And isn’t that the point of hiring a professional photographer in the first place? (If it’s not, you may want to click here to find out if I’m really the photographer for you!)

When you say "prints" you basically mean 8x10s, right?

Yes and no – one of the best things about the photography industry today is how many unique ways there are to display your photographs. An 8×10 is a classic, but what about seeing your artwork on canvas, metal, wood, books, or albums? I’d love to help you decide what will work best for your style and your home. Click here to learn more about à la carte options!

Do you offer gift certificates?

I sure do! Click here to contact me about purchasing one for someone you love (or just really like a lot).

I only see weddings and couples in your portfolio. Do you photograph families?

Nope, but I’d love to recommend a few talented family photographers you’ll love!

Asia, you're the photographer for us! But we're not sure we can afford you right now. Do you offer payment plans?

Hell yes I do! It’s like I always say, “payment plans and whiskey gingers make the world go ’round.” If a payment plan would make it easier for you to exist in photos the way you deserve, let’s chat. I’d be happy to create one for you.

Alright, we're in. How can we get in front of your camera?

Our adventure begins with this contact form. Please fill in your information and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours so we can start making some dreams come true.

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