This one goes out to all the Marketing Haters, the Anti-Algorithmers, and every single entrepreneur who thinks their life isn’t interesting enough to share online.

    You know social media is a powerful marketing tool, but you just can't seem to get any traction there. You aren't sure what to post about besides your offers, so you fall back on the usual picture from your portfolio and a safe (AKA: boring) caption like "all the feels."

    And then...crickets. No new comments, no new followers, and - worst of all - no new clients.

    You know other business owners are absolutely KILLING it on social media, so what's the deal? Does the algorithm have a personal vendetta against you? Do your ideal clients only exist in a fantasy world?

    Are you destined to forever suck at marketing?!

    You aren't a marketing failure - you simply aren't giving your followers anything to care about.

    They can't scroll by if they're captivated.

    Share content that potential clients actually give a shit about (so they keep coming back for more)

    Pique interest by introducing yourself in fresh, unexpected ways (so you make a great first impression)

    Make connections with people who share your values (so they're more likely to buy from you in the future)

    Effortlessly start conversations related to your industry (so you can discover who needs your help)

    Talk about your offers in a way that doesn't feel gross (so selling feels easy and fun)

    Ditch the idea that you have to be interesting (so you can start focusing on being relatable )

    Natural ice-breakers and conversation-starters

    Questions about your personality and how it affects your work

    Ideas to get you thinking about what sets you apart in your industry

    Fresh ways to talk about what you sell

    Fun ad-lib style "about me" posts


    Hey, I'm Asia!

    Social media used to feel like a giant waste of precious time. I'd post a random photo from my camera roll. Stare at the intimidating blinking cursor for way too long. Finally settle on a quick and easy caption. Get a few likes. Repeat every day for the rest of time. Finally die of frustration.

    I knew there had to be a better way, but I seemed to be missing something crucial. Why were these silly little apps making everyone successful but me?!

    But everything changed when I started speaking to my followers the way I'd speak to my friends. I was having real conversations with potential clients, I was making new connections with peers in my industry, and I was able to build trust by simply by helping people and answering their questions.

    I wasn't just yelling into the void anymore - I was seeing real results.

    Now 90% of my clients find me via social media, and I make new connections with potential clients almost every single day!

    I created Captivation because I believe in the power of social media. I believe you're capable of harnessing that power. And I believe the real secret to a successful social media strategy isn't being interesting; it's being relatable.

    Get ready to harness the true power of social media.

    To approach your marketing with intention and strategy instead of throwing virtual spaghetti and seeing what sticks.

    To easily boost your engagement and build trust with your followers, moving them one huge step closer to becoming paying clients.

    Get instant access to all 120 content prompts for just $99