An all-inclusive 1:1 brand MENTORSHIP for the hands-on business owner who’s ready to step back into their power, refocus their vision, and use their business as a means to change the world what?

    and yet...

    YOU've been feeling a pull toward intriguing new possibilities, BUT…

    And more than anything, you avoid evolution because shifting gears feels like a betrayal of your progress.

    You’ve sacrificed too many late nights, learned too many lessons the hard way, and invested too many thousands of dollars into building this brand. So pivoting now wouldn’t just be a change - it would feel like starting from scratch.


    It should give you flexibility and leave space for creativity.

    It should allow you and your business to easily change and evolve.

    It should empower you to lean into your imagination instead of push away.


    ready for a truth cocktail, served straight up?

    In the hustle and chaos of building a successful business you’ve lost sight of your vision.

    Yes, a business that creates wealth is important, but for you this is about more than income.

    You don’t just want to make money - you want your business to impact the world.

    And a strong brand makes your business infinitely more impactful.


    As soon as you book, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire via email that will give me insight into your personality, your business, your goals, your frustrations, and your big, impossible dreams. It’ll also help pull you out of the day-to-day details of running your business and inspire you to think more about your overarching vision and how you want to impact your customers' lives.



    Pour a beverage and kick your feet up - the audit step is completed on my end! Over the course of 9 days, I’ll review your business model, offers, website, and social media to figure out what needs to be changed to communicate your brand more effectively. My suggestions for changes and improvements will be detailed on a Trello Board, and when the audit is complete on day 10 I’ll send you an update via email. This step is completed solely on my end because it allows me to analyze your brand from a big-picture perspective, and then break down my suggested improvements into small, actionable steps.


    Review + Plan

    Let’s go out with a bang! We’ll end our time together with a 60-minute wrap-up call where I’ll review the changes you’ve made, offer any additional feedback, and answer your last-minute questions. After your review is complete, we’ll create an action plan so you know what to work on next to reach your goals at lightning speed!




    Because your brand will protect and guide you as you do.


    • Analyze and distill your current brand

    • Diagnose what is and isn’t working

    • Clarify your personal and professional goals

    • Rediscover your passions and purpose

    • Define the motivations of your audience

    • Capitalize on your individuality

    • Position your brand within your industry

    • Implement sustainable improvements to your design, copy, and content


    - or 3 monthly payments of $3000 -

    contact me to get started: