Actually, Work-Life Balance DOES Exist

    Actually, work-life balance does exist.

    Which is a funny thing to hear from a girl who’s in bed with her laptop at 12:52 a.m. on a weekday. The truth is I’ve felt all kinds of out-of-whack for most of the year (losing a pet / business changes + epiphanies / relocating from Alaska to Washington, you know, that stuff), and just when I start to feel comfortable with the status quo, a shift occurs and I have to shift with it. And I know you get it, because that’s basically the definition of life.

    But we should really try to go with the flow instead of fighting those shifts. Because if you look closely at the great balancing acts of our time: ballerinas, tight-rope walkers, or those godly servers who carry like 10 trays full of margaritas (seriously how do they do that?), you’ll see that they’re not just standing stationary, are they? They’re making tiny little adjustments back and forth to stay upright and centered.

    And the same thing can be said for the balance between your work and your personal life. You might be in bed with your laptop at 1 a.m. some nights, but maybe you’ll take the next morning off to make up for it. You’re never going to remain unmoving in the middle, because that’s not what balancing is.

    Work & Life en pointe, my friends.

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    October 25, 2017