why you need a brand strategist

    and NOT a business coach!

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    But seriously though, is brand strategy just a fancy way of saying “glorified business coaching?”

    Nope! And here’s why:

    Business coaching is focused on internal development to help you build the self-trust needed to make empowered decisions. If you ask a coach a question, they’ll probably reply with another question in a way that allows you to answer your original question yourself.

    Brand strategy is focused on external actions to position your expertise in a way that allows your audience to easily understand how you can help them solve specific problems. If you ask a strategist a question, they’ll probably tell you the answer.

    In my opinion, BOTH coaching & strategy are needed in any business relationship whose end result is a transformation.

    Humans are humans even when they’re business owners, which means there’s always going to be a level of experiences and thoughts and beliefs and emotions that need to be addressed before you can actually get shit done. On the other hand, if you want something different than you have right now, you HAVE to take action!

    So while there while there will inevitably a smidge of coaching involved in the work I do as a brand strategist, the bulk of support I give you​ is focused on guiding your actions – developing your unique brand strategy and then actually putting that strategy to work by DOING things.

    If you’re struggling with mindset blocks and unhelpful beliefs, processing your way through the emotions of entrepreneurship, holding yourself back from being visible because you have a fear of being seen, or not taking action and unsure why, a business coach is probably a great option for you right now.

    But you’re chomping at the bit to take action but just don’t know WHICH actions will actually propel your business forward, brand strategy is your next best step!

    Ready to start developing your brand strategy?

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    September 1, 2023


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