Why You Hate Marketing (and four ways to fall in love with it!)

    Most people get their unders all in a twist about marketing because they over-complicate it. But in its simplest form, marketing is really just making people aware of how your business can help them. So every time you post to Facebook? Marketing! Every time you put an ad in your hometown newspaper? Marketing! Every time you go Live on Instagram? Marketing! Every time you publish a new blog post? Marketing! Every time you make small talk with an acquaintance and they ask what you do? Marketing!

    And once you realize how many possibilities there are when it comes to marketing, you’ll realize you don’t actually hate it – you just hate the way you’re doing it.


    Four ways to fall in love with marketing:


    1. Focus on one or two platforms

    If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing you’re supposed to be doing, you’re most likely spreading spreading yourself too thin. You’re trying to post to Instagram and Facebook every day, Pin 20 new pins every day, write a new blog post every day, email your list every day, record a new IGTV every day, write a new article on LinkedIn every day.

    But you don’t have to be everywhere. Figure out what’s working by asking yourself questions like: Where are your current clients coming from? Where do you feel like you’re building a community? Which platforms are you having real conversations on? Instead of trying to do everything everywhere all the time, figure out what’s working and double down on that.


    2. Believe in what you’re selling

    If you don’t truly believe in what you’re selling, you probably don’t fully understand how what you’re selling changes lives. Please read that again because I said changes, not saves. Your business doesn’t have to save lives, but it must have the potential to change lives. And I promise your business DOES have that potential – but it’s your job to discover what that potential is. So email your coach, call your business bestie, journal for 15 hours, do whatever you gotta do to figure it out.


    3. Have the desire to sell what you’re selling

    I know from experience how easy it is to get stuck in a business you hate. You’ve poured so much time, energy, and money into making your business what it is, so the idea of pivoting is absolutely terrifying. But when you start dreading inquiries, have no desire to book more clients, or despise every single project you work on, it’s time to PIVOT. If you’ve been waiting for a sign or a blessing or a pep talk, this is it! Let that shit GO and do what you really wanna do.


    4. Understand your brand

    Look, it’s 2020. We can’t just show up online and say “this is what I have for sale, here’s how to buy it” anymore. There are SO many businesses offering the exact same products and services as you – your brand is what will influence people choose you over someone else.

    Having complete brand clarity means understanding what makes you special and unique in your industry. And that stuff is GOLD when it comes to marketing, because you won’t be saying the same cliché shit your industry peers are saying. You’ll be able to speak directly to your ideal client in a way that makes your business absolutely irresistible when it comes to solving their problems.


    Anyone who tells you there’s only one right way to market your products and services is a bigger liar than a candidate in a presidential debate. You are allowed to quit doing things you hate, pour more energy into the type of marketing you love, and experiment until you figure out what feels good. I know I say this all the time – but honestly? You’re the boss, and you can do whatever the hell you want.


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    October 13, 2020