why it’s time to finally share your big idea

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    Okie dokie, it is now time to share your big idea!


    So yeah, The Universe and I met up for an Irish Coffee over the weekend and we’ve decided it is now officially time for you to stop putting off what will henceforth lovingly be known as Your Big Idea.

    We know you’ve been sitting on it for a while, biding your time until… I don’t know, until something happens with it I guess?

    Until you finally feel inspired to sit your ass down and actually start. Until you have the knowledge and experience to make it The Best Idea In The History of Ever. Until you finally master work/life balance. Until the Browns go to the Super Bowl. Until you’re skinnier or become a homeowner or your bangs grow out or the summer doesn’t feel so chaotic or you win the Powerball.

    But nope! It is now time!

    The Universe wasn’t too keen on spilling the metaphysical tea, but after our 3rd round the conversation did get a little looser (Fun fact: The Universe can’t hold its liquor).

    So from what I understand, Your Big Idea might be something like:

    • Quitting your job and starting a new business

    • Making a new physical product

    • Launching a new membership program

    • Illustrating a new self-help book

    Pivoting to a completely new industry

    • Creating a new online course

    • Starting a new blog or email list

    • Designing a new digital product

    • Writing a new fiction novel

    So like, can you stop being stingy with Your Big Idea? Knock it off! We NEED Your Big Idea!

    Imagine what we could all learn from Your Big Idea.

    Imagine how proud you’d feel sharing Your Big Idea.

    Imagine how many lives you could change with Your Big Idea.

    Imagine how YOUR life would change if you shared Your Big Idea.

    Imagine if your corpse was awkwardly stuffed into an expensive octagonal wooden box with Your Big Idea because you kicked the bucket with it still existing only in your mind.

    Hey, I’m just saying. The Universe doesn’t dick around.

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    September 13, 2021


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