why is branding important in business?

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    Why is branding important in business? It’s a reasonable question – one I’m going to absolutely DEMOLISH in this post, but reasonable all the same – when you’ve got a business that most people would call successful, branding might seem superfluous. As in: a total waste of time and cash. If you’re making money, doesn’t that mean your business is, you know, working? At that point why does investing in your brand as an entrepreneur even matter?

    Well because you’re not most people, baby! Your definition of success is a tad more profound than retiring at 65. You didn’t start a business just to exchange time for money – you started a business because you want to exchange actual value for money.

    You want to use your skills and expertise to actually help people. You want to be able to express your creativity by building or crafting or by problem-solving. You want to decide who you will and absolutely will not work with. You want to boldly stick to your convictions when under pressure. You want to work with people who respect your boundaries. You want to be professional without compromising your personality.

    You want to feel like you’re actually making a goddamn difference in the world, and you couldn’t possibly care less how cliché that sounds.

    And here’s the thing: simply building a business doesn’t guarantee any of those aspirations. But building a brand does.

    8 undeniable reasons why branding is important in business:

    1. Your brand makes your business more recognizable

    Branding is important in business because it makes you immediately recognizable to your ideal clients. Your brand allows you to easily stand out in the crowded online space and helps your audience feel like they know you. And then? They get curious. They become invested in what you’re up to. They start paying attention.

    Instead of becoming yet another mundane post in the mindless midday scroll, your content actually makes people stop, listen, and take action. They’ll start actively waiting for your updates, which means no more hoping and praying the algorithm will be on your side this time (and let’s be honest – it never is).

    They’ll feel comfortable in your space and value what you have to say. They’ll think of your business before all others when they think of your product or service. They’ll feel like they’re an integral part of what you’re building – which, of course, they are.

    It comes down to this: when your ideal clients recognize you, they can start to trust you… and that’s extremely valuable. Because the faster you build trust with someone, the more likely they are to buy from you.

    2. Your brand makes your business more efficient

    Instead of being distracted by every new strategy, software, webinar, product, or absurd marketing trend, your brand keeps you focused on what’s most important: growing and scaling your business, designing incredible offers, and serving the hell out of your clients and customers.

    Rather than cramming your to-do list with the whims of shiny object syndrome, you’ll feel so damn confident in the impact you want your business to make that it’ll be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to distract you from your vision.

    Instead of doing a bunch of random backend tasks that suck up all your time (serial website re-designers, I’m looking at you!), you’ll stay focused with a system that keeps you organized and gives your clients the best experience possible.

    The first step in building an efficient business is building a strong brand – it’ll help filter out the noise and keep you tethered to what’s most important.

    3. Your brand makes your business more marketable

    If there’s one thing I hope you take from this post, it’s this: building a brand is about so much more than a logo and color palette. Having a strong brand means having a deep understanding of your purpose, and equally as important: a deep understanding of your ideal client.

    And I don’t mean an arbitrary guess on random demographics – I’m talking about a true grasp on their actual psychology.

    • How they prefer to spend their time (and more importantly – why)

    • What excites and inspires them (why do they bother getting out of bed in the morning?)

    • Their problems and frustrations (and how those manifest in their daily lives)

    • Why they’d want to work with you specifically (What about you and your brand appeals to them? What draws them to you above anyone else?)

    Because once you figure out what your target audience is frustrated with and motivated by (a core component of your brand strategy), you’ll know exactly what to say to them in your marketing to get their attention.

    If you’re tired of trying marketing trend after marketing trend and just want to show up powerfully and consistently, you need a brand!

    4.Your brand makes your business more effective

    Still not convinced why branding is important in business? Then hold onto your butts ’cause I’m coming in hot with reason 4!

    When you have a strong brand, your business becomes 100x more effective. Since you know without a doubt exactly what you do, who you do it for, how you do it differently, and why the hell any of it matters, you won’t bother wasting your time with anything else.

    Instead of expending precious brain cells on what you think you’re “supposed” to be doing every day, you’ll have the balls to strictly offer products and services that are in exact alignment with what your clients need AND how you want to work (AKA: no more accepting projects you hate).

    Instead of saying yes to every potential client who comes knocking, you’ll be able to discern whether you can help someone almost immediately… and you’ll be empowered to say “thanks but no thanks” when it’s not a good fit.

    Having an effective business means saving your energy to serve your clients to your fullest potential so they can achieve the results you promise – and determining how to do that starts with your brand.

    5. Your brand makes your business more flexible

    This is what I’ll guarantee: if you’re feeling stuck in your business, the way to escape is with your brand.

    Because your brand isn’t based on your occupation – it’s built on the foundation of your personality, values, and vision. So when you have a strong brand, it’s a whole helluva lot easier to grow and change within your business (which means no more feeling stuck, ever).

    Pivoting no longer feels difficult because you know your community will support you regardless of what you’re selling.

    Changing up your offers feels natural because you deeply believe you can help people in new and bigger ways.

    Leveling up feels exciting instead of scary because your vision transcends your comfort zone.

    You feel so confident in the impact you can make that even that bastard Imposter Syndrome can’t hold you down.

    Evolution is a natural part of entrepreneurship, and yet we so often resist it. Any desire to shake shit up makes us feel guilty, so instead of experimenting we stay stuck and call it “staying the course”. We do what we think we should be doing rather than what we want to be doing.

    But making adjustments in your business is essential for growth, and building a brand allows you to have the flexibility you need to avoid the stress, guilt, and fear that typically accompany big changes.

    6. Your brand makes your business more impactful

    Investing in building your brand isn’t about having a trendy color palette and poetic mission statement – it’s about developing a strategy that empowers you to unapologetically run your business with authenticity, confidence, and purpose.

    In other words, why is branding important in business? Because it makes the work you do more impactful.

    I know you want to feel like your business is actually making a difference in the world. But without a strong brand, it’s nearly impossible to make a dent.

    If you don’t understand your brand, you can’t understand how your business changes lives. You’ll be stuck selling a product or service instead of a powerful transformation.

    The real question to ask yourself is this: how does what you do help your ideal client become who they want to be? No matter what you’re selling, this is a question you can and must answer.

    The transformation you provide changes one person at a time – and their newfound confidence has a perpetual ripple effect that inspires little revolutions all over the world.

    That’s how you make an impact with your business. And your brand is the conduit that makes it possible.

    7. Branding makes your business more profitable

    Branding is all about emotion and positioning – how you make people feel, and the specific little spot you take up in their brains.

    But beyond being known for offering a specific thing to a specific type of person, strategic brand positioning also gives you the opportunity to become THE go-to expert in your niche.

    Which means you’ll be setting the bar for the standards and norms of your industry. You’ll feel powerful in your desire to invent and innovate. You’ll be confident calling out the bullshit in your industry because you’ll see how things can be better. You’ll embrace your ability to lead the charge TOWARD what’s better.

    Being the go-to expert also means having the structure, strategies, offers, visibility, audience, and sales process you need in order to grow and scale a business that actually helps people solve their very real problems, but also compensates you fairly and handsomely for the value you’re providing.

    Branding is important because it allows you to confidently charge the prices you need to charge in order to deliver a stellar product or service – and your clients will happily pay those prices because they trust you to deliver!

    8. Branding makes your business more fun

    Your brand empowers you to make your own rules about how you do business, which I think we can both agree is a huge HELL YES.

    You started your business because you crave freedom, right? Freedom to work exclusively with clients who appreciate and respect you. Freedom to speak your mind on social media without fear of being judged. Freedom to sleep in until 10 and take Mondays off. Freedom to have a business on YOUR terms instead of on terms dictated by your industry – or worse – society.

    And developing your brand strategy will give you that freedom.

    Business can absolutely be fun, but you need a strong brand in order to confidently make aligned decisions as a CEO. So bust out of the box your industry tries to put you in. Make bold decisions led by your values. Get creative and shock the world with your ideas. Be your weird self unapologetically, you beautiful weirdo – I promise it will be worth the effort.

    If you’re ready to become the go-to expert in your niche, it’s time to start actively building brand authority:

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    June 1, 2021





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