Why Is Branding Important in Business?
    Here are 7 reasons why!

    Asia Dore jumping up with raised arms and a big smile with text - why is branding important in business? 7 Undeniable reasons why.

    Why is branding important in business? It’s a fair question. When you’ve got a business that most people would call successful, branding might seem superfluous. If you’re making money, why does investing in your brand as an entrepreneur even matter?

    Well, because you’re not most people. Your definition of success is more profound than retiring at 65. You didn’t start a business just to exchange time for money – you started a business because you want to exchange value for money.

    You want to use your skills and expertise to their full potential. You want to be able to express your creativity, whether by crafting or by problem-solving. You want to decide who you will and absolutely will not work with. You want to boldly stick to your convictions when under pressure. You want to work with people who respect your boundaries. You want to be professional without compromising your personality.

    You want to feel like you’re actually making a goddamn difference in the world, and you couldn’t possibly care less how cliché that sounds.

    And here’s the thing: simply building a business doesn’t guarantee any of those aspirations. But building a brand does.

    So why is branding important in business?

    I’m about to give you 7 undeniable reasons why!

    Asia Dore jumping with her arms up and smiling with text - why is branding important in business? 7 undeniable reasons why.

    1. Branding makes your business more recognizable

    Branding is important in business because it makes you recognizable. It means you’ll stand out amongst everyone else who’s doing the exact same thing in your industry. It allows your audience to get to know you, and when they feel like they know you, they start taking notice.

    Instead of the mindless scroll, your posts actually make them stop and pay attention. They start actively looking for your updates rather than you just hoping the algorithm will be on your side this time (and let’s be honest – it never is).

    They feel comfortable in your space and they truly value what you have to say. They think of your business when they think of your product or service rather than thinking of anyone else who offers the same thing.

    Basically, they trust you… and that’s really damn valuable. Because the faster you build trust with someone, the more likely they are to buy from you.

    So since you care about building a business that’s not only successful but also makes a real difference in the world, you’re going to want to be more recognizable to your ideal clients.

    2. Branding makes your business more efficient

    Instead of being distracted by every new strategy, software, or absurd marketing trend, your brand helps you focus on what’s most important: refining your business to design the best damn offers you can while serving the hell out of your clients.

    Rather than filling your to-do list with the whims of shiny object syndrome, you’ll feel so damn confident in your brand and the impact you want to have that it’ll be nearly impossible to distract you.

    Instead of doing backend tasks that suck up all your time, you can stay focused with an up-leveled system that works for you and gives your clients the best experience possible.

    The first step in building an efficient business is building a strong brand – it’ll filter out the noise and keep you tethered to what’s most important.

    3. Branding makes your business more marketable

    Building a brand is about so much more than having a logo and color palette. It means having a deep understanding of why you do what you do, and more importantly: a deep understanding of your ideal client.

    And I don’t mean an arbitrary guess on their demographics – I’m talking about a true grasp on their actual psychology.

    • The reason why they do what they do (what makes them wake up excited to start their day?)

    • The problems they know they have, AND the ones they don’t realize they have yet (spoiler alert: you’re the solution for both!)

    • Why the hell they’d want to work with you specifically (What about you and your brand appeals to them? What draws them to you?)

    Because once you figure out what your target audience is motivated by, you’ll know exactly what to say to them in your marketing to get their attention.

    You’ll be able to remind them of the reasons they do what they do, and motivate them not to give it up. You can position yourself as the solution to their problems, while also showing them the ones you can solve that they didn’t even know they had. You’ll know how to say what they need to hear in order to want to work with you.

    If you’re tired of trying marketing trend after marketing trend and want to finally be able to show up consistently, you need a brand.

    4. Branding makes your business more effective

    Still not convinced why branding is important in business? Then let’s talk about reason 4!

    When you have brand clarity and a strong brand to match, your business becomes so much more effective. You know without a doubt exactly what you do, who you do it for, how you do it differently, and why the hell it matters.

    Which means you won’t waste your time with anything else. (Yay you!)

    Instead of designing your offers around what you think you’re “supposed” to be doing, you’ll have the capability to design offers that are in alignment with what your client needs AND how you want to work (AKA no more doing work you hate).

    Instead of saying yes to every potential client out there, you’ll be able to discern whether you can help someone with a quick 10-minute discovery call… and you’ll be empowered to say no when it’s not aligned.

    Having an effective business means serving your clients and customers to your fullest potential and helping them achieve the results you promise. It means being totally clear and confident in the work that you do… and it means making the difference you actually want to be making in this world.

    5. Branding makes your business more flexible

    I know you didn’t start this business to feel stuck. If that was the case, you’d go get a job. But somehow S-T-U-C-K is where you’ve been finding yourself lately. You’re wondering how the hell you got here, and if there’s any way to get unstuck. Ummm yeah! The way to get unstuck is always with your brand.

    Your brand is built on the foundation of your personality, values, and ideals, making it a whole helluva lot easier to grow and change within your business (which means no more feeling stuck, ever!).

    Pivoting no longer feels difficult because you know it’s actually empowering. You know pivoting means making more impact, and that your community will support you regardless of what you’re selling.

    Changing up your offers feels natural because you’re confident you can help people in new and bigger ways.

    Leveling up feels exciting instead of scary as hell because your vision transcends your comfort zone. You feel so confident in the impact you want to make that even that bastard Imposter Syndrome can’t hold you down.

    Evolution is a natural part of entrepreneurship, and yet we so often resist it. We feel guilty when we desire to change things, so instead we stay stuck and call it “staying the course”. We do what we think we “should” be doing, rather than what we want to be doing.

    But that’s a big HELL NOPE. Making changes in your business is essential, and building brand allows for you to have the kind of flexibility you need to avoid all the stress, guilt, and generally unpleasant feelings that typically accompany change.

    6. Branding makes your business more impactful

    Investing in building a brand isn’t about having a pretty logo and a mission statement… it’s about developing a strategy that empowers you to unapologetically run your business with authenticity, confidence, and purpose.

    In other words, why is branding important in business? Because it makes the work you do more impactful.

    I know you want to feel like your business is actually making a difference in the world, and you’re ready to DO THE DAMN THING.

    But without a strong brand, it’s nearly impossible to make the difference you want to be making.

    Because once you truly realize and believe that your business can change lives, you can start selling a transformation instead of just a product or service.

    I’m not talking about the typical online clichés… you know, the “more time, more money, and more freedom”. Don’t get me wrong, these are all important and part of why most of us do what we do… but here’s the real question to ask yourself: how does what you do help your ideal client become who they want to be? No matter what you’re selling, this is a question you can and must answer.

    The transformation you offer is about changing the world one person at a time in a way that gives them a newfound confidence. And their confidence has a perpetual ripple effect that inspires little revolutions all over the world.

    THAT’S how you make an impact with your business. And your brand makes it possible.

    7. Branding makes your business more fun

    Your brand allows you to make your own rules about how you do business, which I think we can both agree is a huge HELL YES. Your brand empowers you to run business the way you want rather than the way you think you should. (Barf.)

    Instead of saying yes to every potential client that comes your way, it allows you to say NO to work you don’t want to do. You wanna spend a week sipping margaritas on the beach? Close your books to new clients so you can take a vacation next month!

    Instead of selling products you despise making, sell ones you ENJOY making. You don’t like part of the work you have to do? Outsource that stuff so you have more time to improve your offers and yourself!

    Business can and should be FUN, but you need a brand in order to run it the way you truly want. So bust out of the silly box your industry tries to put you in! Be your weird self in your marketing, you beautiful weirdo. Be who you are, do what you love, and have a lot of fun making an impact along the way!

    This kind of business is ABSOLUTELY possible for you, but it starts with developing your unique brand strategy.

    Need more reasons why branding is important in business? Get instant access to The No-Bullshit Guide to Branding and start building your brand today!

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