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    It’s not enough to just have a brand strategy – if you want to use your brand to increase profit then you have to actually use it. Using and sharing your brand message is just as important! If you want people to hear your message, you have to actually share it. But despite being so simple, you’d be surprised how many people forget (are you one of them??). Let me illustrate with a real-life example:

    Last summer I volunteered with an organization that’s well-known in the community, has a solid amount of followers on social media, and has a ton of supporters and sponsors all over the region. Yet every time I showed up for a shift, there was underlying panic about being short on volunteers. So I asked a few people what they think the issue is. The response and overwhelming consensus? “No one wants to volunteer.”

    I get why they would think that’s true, especially from a brand message perspective. Every person I talked to had been a member of the organization for years. They’re physically there helping all the time. And therefore they have a really clear understanding of how the organization works and what it’s lacking. Being short on volunteers every single day and it’s a major pain point, so they talk about it frequently with each other.

    But for someone on the outside looking in? It’s almost impossible to know they need volunteers (the only way I knew is because someone asked me directly if I wanted to help!). There are no homepage banners, no blog posts, no signs at events, no one stopping people to talk about the benefits of volunteering and asking if they’d like to sign up for a shift. I couldn’t even find a single social media post about it. The only thing I found on their website was a menu item, listed at the bottom of the very last dropdown.

    So do people REALLY not want to volunteer? Or do they just not know you need volunteers because you never talk about it publicly?

    I can’t help but notice the parallels between an organization that can’t find volunteers and a small business that can’t find clients. And it comes down to the importance of repeating your brand message.

    To us, it’s so damn OBVIOUS that we’re available for new clients. That we have solutions to problems. That we can help people with the stuff they struggle with. And of course it is – we’re smack dab in the middle of it every single day! We’re painfully aware of everything going on within the business – our skills, our ideas, our offers, our results.

    But how the hell are other people supposed to know you exist if you don’t go out and tell them?!

    People are busy. The internet is noisy. Distractions are everywhere. Just because you say something one time doesn’t mean someone will hear it. Just because you say something SEVEN times doesn’t mean someone will hear it! If you want to grab attention, it’s important to be willing to consistently share your brand message over and over and over again.

    I understand it’s difficult to not feel annoying when you do this. But you know what? It’s not about you. ☺️ It’s also not about the people who will be annoyed by you posting all the time.

    Nope, it’s about the people who are looking for answers. Searching for solutions to their problems. Wishing someone like you existed to help them. Show up for THOSE people so they can actually find you.

    And if you get the importance but you’re also wondering how you’re supposed to repeat your brand message over and over and over again without feeling like an obnoxious, spammy moron, I’ve got you covered.

    1. Share your brand message… and mean it

    It’s no secret that I loathe lazy content and posting just to post. Unless you have millions of followers or an influencer deal, the chances of your views and likes translating to actual clients is pretty damn slim. So why not focus on being authentic and saying stuff people honestly care about?

    You can avoid feeling spammy by simply not spamming – be thoughtful about the message you’re putting out into the world, and create content that’s valuable to your ideal client (and by “valuable” I mean make it entertaining, motivational, educational, or inspirational). Say things that your people NEED to hear instead of just creating content for the sake of it.

    2. Share your message in different ways

    You don’t have to repeat the same sentence word-for-word in order to get your brand message across. Say it with facts and statistics. Say it with stories and morals. Say it with insights and philosophies. Say it with encouragement and vulnerability. Say it with humor and pizazz.

    As long as the core of your message remains consistent, you can embellish and tangent as much as you want.

    3. Share your message in multiple places

    While I don’t want to encourage marketing everywhere just because you can, I do think there’s value in choosing a few platforms that you can use really well (especially if the two platforms work together, like blogging and Pinterest).

    Not only will this help you reach a wider audience, it’ll also help you avoid getting bored with your marketing (and frustrated with algorithms because you’re putting all your eggs in one basket).

    If you don’t feel you have an important brand message worth repeating over and over again, OR if you have no idea what your message even is, those are signs it’s officially time for brand strategy! Let’s start with the basics so you can build a solid foundation moving forward. Enter your info below and I’ll send you a free copy of The No-Bullshit Guide to Branding:

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    January 30, 2024





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