When You’re Both Stuck


    You and your lover are STUCK IN THE GRIND, and I’m here with a strong cup of reality to snap you out of it!

    Every day is starting to look the same for you two. Your alarm goes off, you have a quick smooch, you’re out the door, you power through the work day, you make dinner, you turn on Netflix, you share a quick smooch goodnight, and you’re asleep at a reasonable hour.

    It’s so easy to fall into this routine. And we make excuses for ourselves, don’t we?

    “We’re lying low until our next vacation.”

    “We’re just so tired because we’re working extra hours so we can afford a [insert shiny new thing].”

    “It’s a slow time of year.”

    “We’ll start having some fun once [insert future event] gets here.”

    And there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of that. Building a life with someone you love is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work, and there certainly are mellow periods.

    But then you start to feel disconnected from each other, every day starts to feel like the last, and you don’t feel really excited about anything.

    Because every day is just kind of… ordinary.

    But you know what?

    Most days are.

    In fact, our lives are made up of 87% ordinary days.*

    *That’s not a real stat, I totally made it up, please don’t ask me for a citation because there isn’t one. But do you see my point? Most of our lives are going to feel ordinary.

    And that’s exactly why ordinary deserves to be celebrated.

    Because when you’re focused on the next exciting thing, you miss out on what’s happening right now. And right now you’re creating an incredible life with the person you love.


    Ready to be excited about doing life together again – even on the most unexciting days?!

    Hit the link below to book a mini couples session! I VERY RARELY offer couples sessions at this price, and there are only 10 spots available! Sessions will take place in Olympia, WA and doors close February 8th, 2019.

    Let’s do this!

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    February 2, 2019