What’s A First Look?


    The First Look refers to a wonderful little block of time, usually right before a wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom meet in private (okay, private except for their photographer lurking in the bushes). It’s called a First Look because it’s traditionally the first time they see each other on their big day, all dolled up in their wedding duds. First Looks usually only last about 10 or 15 minutes, and you can expect to need some Kleenex.

    Why should you make a First Look part of your wedding celebration?

    Some couples are initially turned off by the idea of a First Look because they think the magic will be gone when they see each other across the aisle. But it turns out the opposite is true – asia dore couples have told me that stealing a few romantic and private moments before the ceremony calmed their nerves, and when they did meet at the altar they were able to take in the entire scene instead of having tunnel vision at their gorgeous fiance.

    To be honest, a First Look may be one of the only private moments you have with your lover the entire day. After the ceremony your guests will want to spend time to congratulate you, and between dinner, speeches, dancing, champagne, and more dancing, there’s a good chance your wedding day will fly by in a blissful blur.

    Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should consider a First Look on your wedding day:


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    February 10, 2017