what makes a good brand story?

    how to craft an alluring brand story for your business

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    Curious what makes a good brand story? Well, let’s start with this riveting example: Asia Dore LLC was founded in 2014 in the small town of Wrangell, Alaska. A revolutionary at heart, Asia always knew she’d wander off the beaten path. So when she found entrepreneurship, she blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    Are you bored yet?!

    Most entrepreneurs think a “brand story” is the story of how the brand came to be. But to be perfectly honest, no one really gives a shit about how your company got started. We honestly don’t care about what your brand means to you. We care what it means for us. It’s nothing personal; we’re all the center of our own universe!

    A good brand story isn’t about you because your brand isn’t for you. Your brand is for your ideal clients, which means your brand story needs to be about them. You with me?


    Like most fundamentals of brand strategy, the band story can feel a little conceptual and abstract. But it’s also an important part of a successful brand! Here’s the most straightforward definition I can give you:

    Your brand story is a narrative that encapsulates the transformation your brand provides.

    (But make it DRAMA!!!!)

    Emotion is what makes a good brand story. The tension! The intrigue! The mystery! The adventure! Facts are not your friends here. What do you want people to FEEL?

    As you craft your story, don’t be afraid to choose powerful words. Make it a spectacle. Illustrate. Embellish. Take center stage. Bask in the spotlight. Steal the show.

    As long as you’re not lying or making promises you can’t keep, it’s okay to tell a story someone would actually want to hear.


    Every good brand story has a beginning, middle and end. Here are a few questions to get the creative juices flowing!

    Who are your clients before they experience your product or service? What are their frustrations? What keeps them awake at night? What problems are keeping them from being their happiest, most fulfilled self? Who do they want to be? How do they want to be seen?

    What happens during their transformation? What kind of magic is in the actual process? How do you, as an expert, help them trust the process?

    Who do they become after they experience your brand? In which ways are they more aligned with their ideal self? What are they able to accomplish now that they have their problem solved? What’s the happily ever after?

    It’s a simple framework: “You feel [X]. With [brand], you will feel [Y].” But it’s also an alluring tale. To illustrate my point, here’s an example of a brand story I helped develop for a client:

    “Amongst the joys in your life you’ve also experienced immense adversity, loss, and grief. But it’s safe to lower the facade of a perfect life because your past is NOT something to be ashamed of. Our hardships give us the wisdom to nurture ourselves so we have the capacity to nurture others. It’s time to slow down, accept your present, and give yourself space to heal. Stop pretending you’re the woman you want to be – instead, give yourself permission to become her.”

    See what I mean by splashy embellishments? It’s honest, but it’s also a lot more interesting to read than just the facts.


    If you can’t fit your brand story into a paragraph, you’re probably being too wordy. I recommend aiming for brevity while you’re hashing out the main points because you can always go into more detail with your additional content, continued messaging, and supporting copy.

    I believe the best brand stories aren’t literally copied word for word – instead, they’re used as guidance and inspiration for the rest of your content because they encourage you to stick to your main themes. Remember: there are always multiple ways to tell the same story!

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    February 27, 2024





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