8 easy tips for video marketing

    (when you really, really hate being on camera)

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    I’m sharing these tips for video marketing with you because as it turns out, most entrepreneurs absolutely despise the idea of being on video. They will not do it, absolutely not, nope nope nope! And that’s totally understandable, because it feels extremely vulnerable to put ourselves out there in such an upfront way (and why do EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR PORES HAVE TO SHOW UP ON CAMERA?!).

    But we can’t fight it: video is hot for marketing right now because it builds trust really quickly with your audience. It shows them you’re a real person, not only a business, and invites them to connect with you beyond just knowing what you have for sale. Marketing is all about building relationships, and opening yourself up for potential connection is the most efficient way to get people asking how to work with you!

    I will say this: there’s a glaring (yet sometimes indistinguishable) difference between expanding your comfort zone and using your energy inefficiently. So if you’ve already given video marketing a real shot but absolutely resent it and didn’t see results, it’s okay to try something else instead! Remember, marketing can be fun when your brand gives you the freedom to make it fun.

    But if you still feel that glimmer of intuition that tells you video marketing could be really powerful in your particular business, stick around and I’ll take you through 8 of my hottest tips for video marketing so you can feel more confident being in front of the camera!

    8 easy tips for video marketing

    1. Know what you’re going to say before you hit record

    What’s the purpose of your video? Is it to educate your audience about what you do? Is it to entertain or inspire them? Is it to build brand awareness? Is it to re-introduce yourself and put a face to the name? Are you launching a new product or service? Are you trying to start a conversation about a specific event or idea?

    Know what your goal is before you begin; it’ll help you avoid blabbering (and sweating profusely). Plus, you’ll be a lot more confident if you have a plan!

    2. Write down your talking points

    Keeping track of your talking points is not cheating, okay?! It keeps you organized. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve completely drawn a blank mid-sentence while recording, I’d be like “damn I should have asked for quarters instead of nickels, that was really dumb.”

    You don’t have to draft an entire script, but write your points on a sticky note and put it on your phone screen, or stick to a wall behind your camera. It’s also doing your audience a service to write down what you’re going to say before you begin because your audience is busy. Attention spans are short! We have dogs to pet, work to do, beer to drink. Get to the point if you don’t want us to swipe by.

    3. Record until you’re happy

    This is my favorite of all the video marketing tips because no one has to see your blooper real. It’s okay to screw up, stumble over your words, delete that video, and start over. It’s okay to start over 10 times. It’s okay to start over 20 times. It’s okay to give up, procrastinate by folding laundry, call your mom, roll around on the floor and cry for a while, and then start over once more. Do what you gotta do to get your message out into the world!

    4. Find the good light and use a filter

    Window light with indirect sun is your best friend, and there are so many fun filters available that’ll keep your visuals on brand, so pick one and use it. This is also not cheating. A lot of my Instagram followers told me being self-conscious about their appearance is the number one thing holding them back from showing up on video, and I can totally understand that.

    Like enough about you let’s talk about me for a minute: I have this really fun thing called an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which basically means my body always thinks I’m being chased by a bear. It’s why I have insomnia, and sometimes you’ll see my neck, chest, or face get really red and splotchy while I’m speaking to an audience (my nervous system is like OH GOD IT’S A BEAR CHASING US! QUICK, SEND ALL THE BLOOD TO THE BRAIN!) This happens even when I don’t feel nervous, so not only is it annoying, it can often be embarrassing.

    I share that with you only to remind you that you are not alone if you feel self-conscious. We all do. But we are so much more than our appearances. Our communities need us to show up for them, and there are no rules that say you have to be perfect. You just have to be relatable. And sure, you might have some judgmental haters. Fuck ’em! They might not have anything better to do, but you DO have better things to do! You have a business to build, yeah? Focus on that.

    5. Decide what you want your viewers to do after they watch your video

    Of all the tips for video marketing, this one is one of the most important because it puts an actual purpose behind all of your hard work. Add a call to action (CTA) to the end of your video! Your CTA doesn’t necessarily have to be “buy now” or “book an appointment” if your goal for that video isn’t to make a sale. A CTA can be “vote on this poll” or “comment below with your favorite ” or “send me a DM if you have questions about __________.” Tell us what to do, otherwise we’ll just keep tapping and forget about you. It’s not personal, it’s just those pesky attention spans!

    6. Start small

    You don’t have to go Live tomorrow. Ease into it by posting a selfie and asking your followers what they’re up to this weekend. Give an office tour so people can see some behind the scenes magic. Take a quick 30 seconds to introduce a new Freebie you created and how to get it. Your video marketing doesn’t have to be groundbreaking right away, but the only way to get better and more confident being on video is practice. And you can’t start practicing without starting!

    7. Low and slow

    A whole lot of people have told me they hate watching videos of themselves because they can’t stand the sound of their own voice. We sound so much more eloquent in our heads, right? I did have some professional training when I worked in radio broadcasting though, so the video marketing tip I can share with you here is to speak low and slooowwwwww. When we get nervous, we tend to start speaking fast and high-pitched and then we run out air. Try to be conscious of speaking slowly, clearly, and at a slightly lower pitch.

    8. You can make your video about anything you want

    The most common reason entrepreneurs avoid video marketing is because they have no idea what to talk about. But the truth is you can say anything you damn well please, as long as it’s relevant to your audience. Remember – marketing is just telling people how you can help them. So how is what you’re saying benefiting your audience? Is it educating them? Inspiring? Motivating? Entertaining? Instilling trust or creating connection? Helping to build your online community? Of all the tips for video marketing, this one is the most powerful: if you always make it about your audience, you will never lose!

    Were these tips for video marketing helpful? Make your marketing even easier by focusing on building your brand!

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