the 10 commandments of branding with strategy + audacity

    The number 10 on a plaque nailed to a wall. With text: the ten commandments of branding with strategy and audacity

    The other day I sent an email to my list, and four people unsubscribed almost immediately after opening it. Which, as someone who’s going all-in on email marketing because she’s over social media, was not super fun data to see. 😅

    My initial reaction was something exactly like: “Noooooo! But whyyyyyyy?! Why don’t you love me?!? LET ME MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!!!”

    But immediately after that initial response, I remembered – wait! I’m the kind of person who celebrates unsubscribes. Because while I might be growing my audience, I’m also narrowing my focus. That’s what we gotta do as experts.

    A few years ago, I NEVER would have bounced back from those feelings of doom and gloom and omg-poor-me-pity-party so quickly. And it got me thinking: there are a few rules I’ve decided to live by that have completely changed my approach when it comes to strategically and audaciously building my brand.

    So I want to share them with you today, in case they’re helpful as you build yours!

    The 10 Commandments of Branding with Strategy + Audacity

    1. Thou shalt celebrate unfollows, unlikes, and unsubscribes

    We humans would generally prefer to be liked and accepted, so people opting out can feel kinda shitty. But when it comes to your brand, these occurrences are actually a good thing!

    They might mean you’ve said something polarizing. They might mean those people weren’t really interested and would never buy anyway. Or maybe it has nothing to do with you – maybe someone went on an impromptu unsubscribe rampage and you were just caught in the crossfire.

    Either way, celebrate yourself for honing your content and keep showing up for the people who are still opted in.

    2. Thou shalt embody thine expertise

    I know it can feel weird to position yourself as an expert because you don’t want to sound like an egotistical asshole.

    But why would you shy away from your expertise when your expertise IS LITERALLY THE THING THAT ALLOWS YOU TO HELP PEOPLE?!?!

    Confidently explaining exactly how you can solve people’s problems makes their decision-making process more efficient. And in an age where we’re usually overwhelmed by decisions? You’re actually doing us all a huge service by being upfront and clear.

    3. Thou shalt not be afraid of niching

    A lot of entrepreneurs have a visceral reaction to the word “niching” because they’re multi-passionate and curious and help people in all kinds of ways and don’t want to be pigeonholed into one thing forever. I get that.

    But you can call it niching, you can call it specializing, you can call it practicing exclusively… The important thing is you’re making it painfully obvious that you solve a very specific problem in a very specific way for a very specific reason for a very specific type of client.

    That’s how you position yourself as an authority.

    4. Thou shalt be deeply rooted in thy purpose

    Our businesses exist to make money, and that should 1000% be a priority for you as an entrepreneur. But when we get obsessed with money (or lack of money), we start taking action from that place – and nothing smells stinkier than a desperate business owner.

    When you find yourself spiraling, come back to your purpose and make empowered decisions from there.

    5. Thou shalt share thy message frequently and consistently

    The internet is noisy – which means your people are seeing maybe 15% of what you’re actually publishing. Annoying? Yes.

    But it’s not your responsibility to make sure everyone sees everything you create – it’s your responsibility to show up frequently and consistently so that you’re visible when they’re looking.

    6. Thou shalt not be discouraged by lack of external validation

    Social media has trained us all to constantly seek validation. But when it comes to the very real work you’re trying to do here, validation (especially in the form of double taps and lazy emoji reactions) really could not matter less.

    We persist regardless of validation, because persistence is the path to making a real impact.

    7. Thou shalt understand thine ideal client’s psychology

    It might seem counter-intuitive, but your brand isn’t for you. It’s for your ideal client. Which means if you want to build an effective brand, you have to actually know who they are!

    You might rather set your butt hair on fire than fill out another ideal client avatar worksheet (and I don’t blame you), but figuring out their psychology is actually pretty straightforward when you have the tools to do so.

    8. Thou shalt not throw marketing spaghetti

    Putting yourself out there, trying whatever, and hoping something sticks is not a marketing strategy. It’s also a huge waste of your valuable energy.

    Instead, try intentional experimentation: decide how you like to communicate, decide which platforms support that medium, figure out which ones your ideal clients are using, and then show up there on a consistent basis. Then test and change as needed.

    9. Thou shalt be able to articulate thine unique methodology

    It’s not what you do that makes you unique. It’s how you do it differently than everyone else. And your signature method IS your how.

    When you have a signature method and you’re able to communicate exactly how and why it works to get results, it builds trust and authority in a way that few other ways do.

    10. Thou shalt be thyself

    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the tactics and the data when you’re building your brand. But please don’t lose yourself.

    Because your skills, your knowledge, your experiences, your talents, your personality, your perspectives, your wisdom… they all add up to make you uniquely qualified to make the impact you want to make.

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