the three stages of branding

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    Brand strategy can feel like a big, jumbled, overwhelming mess. Even I, a brand strategist, will admit that. Let’s talk about the three stages of branding you’ll inevitably experience as an entrepreneur so you can master each one and be better equipped to grow your business!

    Taking every nuance of who you are, every scattered idea you have about the impact you want to make, every experience you’ve lived through that has shaped your unique skill set, and then combining it into a simple, cohesive whole feels damn near impossible. So if you’ve been avoiding it, I don’t blame you😂

    But my literal mission in business is to simplify and revolutionize branding so you can take full advantage of it to grow your business! And because of that mission, it’s made sense for me to design systems, methods, processes, and frameworks that break down such an abstract concept into tangible steps.

    So let’s jump into the stages of branding your business and why each one is critical to an effective brand!


    In stage one, you’ll be focusing on strategically building your brand. This is where we map out the 11 core components of your brand and create your brand strategy guideline so that you have a vodka-clear picture of what you want your brand to be.

    Brand strategy is crucial to efficient and consistent growth as an entrepreneur because it’s your foundation upon which your business strategy is built.

    Your brand strategy guideline is your North Star. It simplifies your vision so you’re able to take practical steps forward. It clarifies everything you bring to the table so you’re able to communicate what you do to other people. It streamlines your goals so you’re able to use your marketing and sales energy effectively.

    If you want to go more in-depth with the 11 core components of your brand strategy, click here to download your free copy of The No-Bullshit Guide to Branding!


    Stage two is all about action, where you move from simply having a brand to actually using your brand. Most entrepreneurs skip this part unknowingly because they don’t realize their brand is a tool they can actively utilize in their business! Here’s how:

    As you actively search for ways to grow and scale, your brand will help you discern which opportunities are right for you.

    When you feel stuck, lost or trapped, your brand will remind you why your work is important and reignite your passion to create change with your business.

    To ensure focused marketing efforts, your brand will help you determine how, when, and where to talk to your people to get the best results.

    As you improve your sales process, your brand will clarify the value of your work, which means you can sell real solutions instead of just services.

    When designing fresh new offers, your brand will ensure your skillset is being used to its fullest potential so you can build a sustainable business.

    If you need help with the exact steps to put your unique brand into action based on your goals, click here to learn about Brand Activation Intensives!


    Stage three is all about refining your brand over time. A lot of people think branding their business is just the process of creating an image and then moving on, but the world changes and your brand needs to change with it! 

    Once you get new data, have new experiences, formulate new philosophies, and learn new things about yourself and your clients and your industry and the world, be willing to experiment with what that might mean for your brand.

    Has your worldview shifted, requiring more depth of your work? Is the current market changing and demanding new solutions? Are your ideal clients craving a new paradigm? Is society transforming and you’re feeling called to lead some kind of revolution?

    Brand evolutions don’t need to be forced, but they do need to be considered. Making tweaks to your brand doesn’t mean you’re fickle or flaky, it just means you’re open-minded and empathetic to what the world needs from you in order for you to make the biggest impact.

    If you feel the winds of change but are struggling with the details of how to evolve your brand, The Brand Evolution Partnership might be a perfect fit for you!

    These stages of branding are linear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll only go through them once. Building a brand is a journey, and the more willing you are to trust the process the stronger and more effective your brand will be!

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    December 1, 2023





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