Searching For Ourselves


    We’re all trying to find ourselves.

    We search in curated Instagram feeds, self-help books, peer validation, magazine covers, our friends’ success stories, and overheard conversations. And because we’re searching through all that noise, the opposite happens: we lose ourselves instead. We look for what we could be in a world that tells us what we should be.

    Like how I tell myself I should try to dress better. Be more stylish. Look more put-together. Yet I always seem to end up in jeans and a t-shirt.

    Or how I tell myself I should be more social. Network with my peers. Really put myself out there. Yet deep down, I know I need my alone time to recharge.

    Or how I tell myself I should share more of me, more of my thoughts, more of my feelings. Yet I often can’t even articulate what I’m thinking, and my true strength in conversation is my ability to listen.

    Or how I tell myself I should read more business books. More how-to articles. More topics like bookkeeping and SEO. Yet what I really find inspiring is poetry, the weird and unsettling kind, the kind that doesn’t even rhyme.

    We’re all trying to find ourselves. But if we start searching within instead of outside ourselves, I think we’ll find we actually already know who we are… we just need to embrace it.

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    June 25, 2018