Wedding Photography Registries (And Why You Need One)


    Okay, what’s a wedding photography registry?

    If you’re planning a wedding, have been in a wedding, have been to a wedding, or have walked by the Home section of a Macy’s, I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of a wedding gift registry. If you’re not, this is how they work: your guests can choose from a list of products you’d like (usually for your home), or they can contribute to the overall cost of something (like a honeymoon).

    In recent years the gift registry has taken a back seat to honeymoon funds, charity registries, and house registries. And that makes sense, because there’s a good chance you’re already making a home with your fiancé, and how many blenders do you need? I mean I guess that depends on how many people you invite to your margarita parties. But you get my point.

    A photography registry works the same way as any other gift registry, but instead of congratulating you with new glassware or sand under your feet, your guests can give you the gift of tangible memories. Because I can promise you this: your wedding day will only happen once, it will happen in a blur, and you’ll want to remember every tiny detail. It’s the end of months of planning, preparing, decision-making, and anticipation, but it’s also the beginning of a brand new adventure called marriage.

    Ask your photographer if they offer wedding registries as part of their services so they can create one for you as early as possible. They should be able to set your registry up as a list of print products (such as albums & canvas) you’d enjoy, as well as the option to contribute to the overall wedding package.

    Do you have more questions about wedding photography registries or how they work?

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    August 31, 2016