the top personal branding trends to avoid

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    When you’re tits-deep in figuring out your personal brand, it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. To look everywhere for answers besides within yourself. To want the quick and easy way to stand out to your target audience. So if you’ve naturally gravitated to researching personal branding trends for inspiration, you’re not alone! But my hope is this blog posts convinces you to do otherwise. Let’s dig into why!

    A great example of personal branding trends in the wild can be found in these three words: Passion. Purpose. Profit.

    ^ Each of these words are officially on the asia dore personal branding shitlist, because I know you’ve seen them floating around EVERYWHERE in the online business world. Honestly, the worst part is I’m not even referring to any one specific course or program. You could put any combination of the 3 P’s together and the title would completely disappear amongst the rest:

    The Purpose to Profit Collective
    • From Passion to Profit
    • The Profitable Passion Accelerator
    • Purposeful Profit Sessions

    Like did I miss the Annual Ladypreneur Boss Babe Personal Branding Trends #Hustle Convention? Did someone rip out every section in the Thesaurus except for “P?” Is the fresh idea machine out of order and someone out there is very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause?!

    Now, I have been known to pick on the bullshit I see in the branding industry, but my real point here isn’t to call anyone out – it’s to start a conversation around the level of creativity and originality that we’re allowing ourselves to embrace as entrepreneurs.

    When personal branding trends like neutral color palettes and choreographed TikTok dances and the dreaded 3 P’s start to slither out of the woodwork, it’s time drop your iced coffee and sprint the other way.

    Tends are sneaky and dangerous because they convince us to blend in instead of stand out. They give us permission to add noise without adding value. They enable us to create without any actual value or substance.

    If you want to build a genuine, authentic, and effective brand, it doesn’t make a speck of sense to do what everybody else is doing. To truly create an impact with your brand, you have to be willing to be original. Honest. Authentic. So I’ll just ask you straight up – as an entrepreneur building a personal brand, do you fall back on trends instead of letting yourself lead the way to something new?

    Are you talking yourself out of your good ideas because they feel too big? Are you willing to take up space with your ideas? Are you willing to trust your ideas?

    Are you willing to trust yourself?

    Your big idea is not TOO big, and taking up space does not mean adding to the noise. There is endless space for your ideas, and we’re waiting on the edge of our seats for you to share them. Stop depending on trends and start building your personal brand authentically.

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    September 7, 2021





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