Business × May 1, 2019

    3 Ways to Figure Out Your Brand

    Defining your brand can feel like a giant puzzle, right? Taking every nuance of who you are as a person - your experiences, your values, your fears, your traits, your goals - and combining them into a...

    Business × February 8, 2018

    5 Tips For Staying Productive When You Work From Home

    Most days you can find me in my cozy little office corner, wearing sweatpants + sipping coffee that was probably hot at some point (whyyy can we never finish it while it's hot?!).Working from home is,...

    Personal × January 16, 2018

    I Spent A Month Away From Social Media. Here’s What Happened.

    In December I did something ABSOLUTELY BONKERS AND UNHEARD OF: I took a break from social media for the whole month. A real break, not just a break from posting. I logged off, deleted cookies, cleared...

    Business × October 25, 2017

    Actually, Work-Life Balance DOES Exist

    Actually, work-life balance does exist. Which is a funny thing to hear from a girl who's in bed with her laptop at 12:52 a.m. on a weekday. The truth is I've felt all kinds of out-of-whack for mos...

    On My Mind × June 24, 2016

    Please Stop Asking Us This

    Yes, we may be in committed, long term relationships. Yes, we may be the perfect age. We may be married, or house owners, or have a 401k. But please, for the love of whatever God you believe in, and I think I speak for a lot (A LOT, LIKE WAY MORE THAN YOU THINK) of women when I say this:



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