Branding × December 1, 2023

    3 Stages of Branding Every Entrepreneur Should Master

    Brand strategy can feel like a big, jumbled, overwhelming mess. Even I, a brand strategist, will admit that. Let’s talk about the three stages of branding you’ll inevitably experience as an entrepreneur so you can master each one and be better equipped to grow your business!

    Business × November 13, 2023

    How to Get Better at Selling in Your Small Business

    Whether you love it or hate it, selling is a crucial part of being a business owner; it’s literally HOW you make money! The good news? Selling is a skill, and one you can improve over time, so let me introduce you to 5 of my proven methods that will help you improve your sales!

    Marketing × October 16, 2023

    4 Ways Rebranding Hurts Your Marketing Strategy and What to Do About It

    Thinking about rebranding your business? Updating your visuals, going in a new direction, or just ready to spice things up? Whatever the reason, here's what you need to consider before rebranding from inbound marketing specialist Amy-Lynn Denham!

    Business × September 1, 2023

    Brand Strategist vs Business Coach: Which is Better to Skyrocket Your Growth?

    Is brand strategy the same as business coaching? And how do you know which one you need in your business right now? Find out!

    Branding × February 17, 2023

    How to Generate Massive Brand Awareness and Grow Your Audience

    Brand awareness is crucial because you need people's attention in order to start a relationship with them. Here are 5 fresh ways to generate more brand awareness for your business!



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