Branding × March 4, 2021

    How to Look Better in Selfies

    Oh hell YES dudes, babes, and fellow humans - we are going to take 7 minutes today to be ABSOLUTELY vain, and we're not going to apologize for it! Honestly though, this post is about more than how to look better in selfies – it's about equipping you with tools you can use to feel confident being in photos, because as a business owner it's important to show your face online.

    Marketing × February 16, 2021

    My Best Tips for Instagram Marketing

    If you'd rather go grocery shopping hungry at 5:00 pm on a Friday before a huge snowstorm than spend even one more ounce of energy on Instagram, I wrote out my best tips for Instagram marketing just for entrepreneurs like you.

    Branding × January 15, 2021

    Why Personal Branding Matters on Social Media

    In 2021 social media can be both a powerful tool AND such a detrimental waste of energy. On one hand, it's pretty rad that we can connect with likeminded people all over the world. On the other hand, are we not tired of seeing blurry pictures of our high school friend's fourth baby?! I DIGRESS.

    On My Mind × January 13, 2021

    Give Yourself Some Grace

    For the past few years it's felt like we're living in two realities. But despite the need to be available in both, we still only have 24 hours in a day?!

    On My Mind × January 11, 2021

    How to Save Us

    As relieving as it is that Donald Trump will no longer be America's president, another bullshit politician isn't the answer either. Demonizing and glorifying public servants is silly; they're only human, just like us. The reality is Joe and Kamala aren't gonna save us. We have to save ourselves.


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