my problem with authenticity

    Let’s talk about AUTHENTICITY!

    From an Instagram popularity standpoint, being authentic usually means overly-filtered cliché photos of morning coffee and trendy hats.

    But from a branding standpoint, being authentic simply means being yourself. And when it comes to marketing online, “authentic” sometimes becomes an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tortilla. What should you say? When should you say it? And how often? Should you share your struggles? Should you share what you had for breakfast? Should you share your political opinions? What if you don’t have new work to share? Do you have to post EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE?!

    The annoying answer to these questions is: it depends.

    But the simple answer, and the one I’d like to impart on you today so you don’t remember me as “that girl who gives annoying answers,” is: use your brand as your guideline for authenticity.

    When you fully truly absofrigginlutely understand your brand, online marketing is EASY! You know exactly who you’re talking to, exactly what they want to hear about, and exactly how you can help them.

    I must admit, I do have some beef with this movement of being authentic online because in some circles the word “authentic” is starting to lose its meaning. It’s turned into a competition of who can be the MOST authentic instead of simply empowering us to show up honestly.

    So don’t get caught up in that competition, k? You don’t have to stand out more than everyone else in your industry, you just have to stand out to your target audience.

    Your brand is what guides you as you do that.

    Want to learn more about how your brand will give you a guideline for showing up online?

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    June 17, 2020





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