marketing burnout

    what to do when you’re tired of marketing your online business

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    There’s something in the air, and it’s not a fart. It’s much, much, worse. It’s MARKETING BURNOUT. Which is just as disappointing as a fart, although it’s harder to blame it on the dog.

    Some days we wake up and inspiration is just everywhere. The content ideas feel neverending, our social batteries are charged to 100%, the words flow, our skin looks incredible on video, and we have a lot to say about what we do, how we do it, and why people should hire us.

    But then there’s the OTHER days. The bad days. The days where it feels like no one is paying attention, nobody cares, and we’ll never find another client again. Where we feel like we’ve already said everything that could possibly be said, and we don’t want to talk about what we do anymore! WE JUST WANT THE CLIENTS TO COME SO WE CAN ACTUALLY DO IT.

    While advice like “log off and take a break” is well-intentioned, it’s a little more difficult to stay offline when you’ve got an online business to run, when the bank account is getting empty, and when you need clients ASAP because you got billz to pay.

    All entrepreneurs experience marketing burnout. You’re not alone. It’s normal. It doesn’t make you a bad business owner, it doesn’t make you a failure, and doesn’t necessarily even mean anything is wrong.

    In fact, you might not even be burnt out at all! You might just be bored.

    Bored of repeating the same message over and over again, bored of looking at the same old brand colors, bored of feeling like you’re putting in all this work to create content only to have it disappear into the online business void.

    And if that’s the case for you, congratulations! You’re doing it correctly! It seems counterintuitive, but being bored by message is actually a positive sign because it means you’re sharing it enough.

    It’s easy to believe every single person is seeing every single piece of your content, but that’s simply not true.

    People are busy and the internet is noisy – no one is paying as much attention to you as you are. The key is to be persistent in your process so that you’re visible when people do look for you.

    On the other hand, you might actually be burnt out. Self-awareness of your own threshold for marketing burnout is a valuable skill because if you feel it coming you can take a step back before actually reaching it. But sometimes? Sometimes the fatigue just happens. Sometimes it’s okay to feel like you want to give up. Sometimes you have to burn out in order to reignite.

    So instead of logging off to recharge and then getting back on the same old horse, ask yourself these 5 questions to determine WHY you’re experiencing marketing burnout:

    1. Is it because your content doesn’t seem to be resonating with your ideal client?

    Just because you have something to say doesn’t always mean it will be heard. Your ideal client is the only person that matters when it comes to how you create content, so make sure you fully understand their struggles, motivations, and fears first.

    2. Do you feel like you have to be online and ready and available 24/7 and it’s draining you?

    You’re not out here saving lives with your business. And I’m not insinuating your business doesn’t matter or your work isn’t important, I’m just saying your audience can wait!

    Responding to an email tomorrow instead of within 10 minutes doesn’t mean that potential client is going to give up. Plus, opportunities that are meant for you will never pass you by.

    3. Are you marketing on the wrong platforms, or on too many platforms?

    The internet is always changing, which means we have to be willing to tweak and adjust our strategy from time to time. Your target audience might not be on the same platform they were in 2014, and you might need to change up how you use a platform based on best practices.

    If you’re finding it hard to keep up with content or organization, you might be in burnout mode simply because you’re spreading your marketing too thin! Instead of feeling like you need to be everywhere, pick one or two platforms and use them really well.

    4. Are you spending too much time consuming and not enough time creating?

    The internet is distracting and it’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of consuming content (even if our intention was to browse for “inspiration!”). And that’s okay once in a while, but if it’s taking time away from sharing your own great ideas OR if you get stuck in a comparison game, that’s not helping in your quest to get more clients. Prioritize your own content before you get sucked into someone else’s!

    5. Do you keep checking your inbox right before bed instead of giving your brain a chance to REST?

    I’ll say it again: you’re not saving lives here! Taking an actual break from your business allows your subconscious time to reconcile and work in the background, not to mention putting your phone away early will probably help you sleep better. Here’s your reminder that rest is productive!

    Marketing burnout is usually a symptom of a deeper problem: you aren’t super clear on your brand strategy. When you understand your brand it’s easy to show up consistently with endless content ideas because you’re more excited about your business and how you can help people!

    If you’re looking for a simple fix for marketing burnout, start with your brand strategy:

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    June 21, 2021





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