6 Ways To Make Getting Ready With Your Bridesmaids Even Better


    A last minute call from the caterer, late flights, a dead car battery, searching for a lost shoe… no matter how much you plan for your wedding day, there will almost always be something that needs to be taken care of the morning of your wedding.

    And because of this, scheduling uninterrupted time to get ready is really important if you want a stress-free day (you’re going to feel about a thousand emotions, but stressed should never be one of them).

    You’ll probably be a little nervous before the ceremony. Not to marry the love of your life, but because you’ve invested countless hours preparing and planning. You’re throwing the biggest party ever and you want everything to go smoothly. You’re going to be the center of attention. Setting aside time to relax and enjoy yourself will allow you to truly be present without worrying about those pesky last minute issues. Also, getting ready is really, really fun. Champagne, pretty dresses, your favorite girls, a cloud of hairspray, and a whole morning of making memories? YES PLEASE.

    Here are six easy ways to make getting ready on your wedding day even better:

    1) Schedule a realistic amount of time, and then add an extra half an hour. Actually schedule it. But for reals though. Physically write it on your timeline and make sure your Fearless Bridesmaids know about it. PLEASE don’t just play it by ear and hope you have a few hours left after you take care of things in the morning, because you will get caught up in last minute details. Schedule it. On your timeline. Did you get the part about scheduling it? Okay, moving on.

    2) Make sure there’s plenty of food & drink options in the room: muffins, fruits & veggies, donuts, finger sandwiches, champagne, juice, water, Bloody Mary bar… whatever it is, make sure it’s already prepared and you have a good mix of yummy & healthy.  Even the most organized wedding days can be fairly chaotic and it’s easy to forget to eat. Keep your bridal party energized & hydrated, and make sure you shove some food in your own face, too!

    3) Make like a white boy and play that funky music because it will set the tone for the whole getting-ready experience. If you have time to create some playlists in advance that’s great, but if not I’m kind of having a relationship with Spotify and recommend giving it a whirl. They have a ton of ready-to-go playlists that you can choose based on your mood – you can probably even search “getting ready wedding” and find some fab tunes. P.S. No one likes music out straight of a cell phone. Bring a Bluetooth speaker with a little bass!

    4) Pre-pack everything you’ll need – that includes the obvious like dresses, shoes, and beauty products, but also other essentials like scissors, a small sewing kit, superglue (you never know!), tissues & q-tips, wet wipes, bobby pins, tape, tweezers, and mouthwash. Don’t wait to pack this stuff right before you leave! If you can’t pack earlier than the night before, start a list.

    5) Designate a time keeper so you can stay on schedule. During one wedding I photographed, the bride kept asking what time it was throughout the morning. And every time she did, her incredible bridesmaids responded with, “don’t worry about it!” AND I FREAKING LOVE THAT. Because you really don’t need to worry about it as long as someone is making sure you’re on schedule. Your maid of honor will be honored to take on this responsibility!

    6) Designate a Gate Keeper. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than when someone asks the bride logistical questions on her wedding day. Yes, she probably does know the answer, but chances are someone else does, too. Designating a Gate Keeper, someone to answer knocks at the door, pick up the phone, and reply to your text messages, is going to help you stay relaxed. Again, since your Maid of Honor is up to date on all of the wedding details I recommend you ask her first (chances are, she’s already on it!).


    Looking for more tips on planning a fun wedding without all the bullshit?

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    June 1, 2016