Josh + Andréa // Ruby Beach Couples Session


    On a most perfectly windy and overcast day in April, I piled my guy Johnny and our pup Tamale into our trusty Chevy Tracker and headed straight toward Ruby Beach, Washington so I could photograph our friends Josh and Andréa.

    Andréa and I met through our jobs when we both lived in Alaska. She found out I was a photographer, I found out she was a model, we worked together, we drank cocktails together, and I’m SO damn happy we both live in Washington now. If you know her and Josh, then you know that they’re two of the most fun, caring, and genuine people you’ll ever meet. They’re also super cute and super in love, so obviously I wouldn’t miss the chance to photograph them! 

    Ruby beach is absolutely worth the trip and I’d recommend it as a gorgeous location for anyone’s couples session. There are a handful of other beaches a short drive away, and sadly we didn’t have time to stop at them BUT you can bet it’s on the to do list.

    Scroll down to see some of my favorite shots from Josh and Andréa’s session!


    Curious what a couples session with me is like?

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    May 24, 2018