it’s not about you

    I legitimately feel sorry for the people who don’t know about you. The people who don’t realize you’re a total badass at what you do. The people who have no idea their problems can be solved just by working with you. The people who are clueless about your brilliant methods and unique perspective and proven results. The people who are just one step away from their ideal self, if only they knew you were there for them.

    But guess what: it’s not their fault they don’t know. It’s yours.

    Because you’re not showing up for them. You’re not sticking to your message consistently. You’re not demonstrating you’re here and ready and available. You’re not posting what you really want to say because you don’t want to piss anyone off. You’re not sending follow-ups because you don’t want to bother people. You’re not reaching out because you don’t want to be rejected. You’re too busy worrying about yourself.

    Am I even actually good at this? What will people think of me if I post this unpopular opinion? Am I going to annoy my subscribers if I send another email about my new 1:1 offer? Is blogging still a viable way to grow my audience, or should I stick to Instagram? Am I wasting this podcaster’s time by sending a guest pitch? How can I make more money by doing less work? Where are all the clients, and why isn’t anyone paying attention to meeeeeeee?!

    If all you’re thinking about every day is you, of course you’re not going to have any desire to make new connections and collaborate! Of course you’re not going to find the courage to pitch yourself or your ideas! Of course you’re not going to have the audacity to speak out and show up! Of course it’s going to feel like no one is paying attention – THEY CAN’T SEE YOU IF YOU’RE NOT VISIBLE!

    To be clear, you do matter. You deserve to own a business that brings you joy and money. You deserve to market and sell in a way that works AND feels good.

    But there’s a huge energetic shift when you pivot from “why isn’t my business doing more for me, am I not good enough?” to “here’s what my business can do for other people, and they’re absolutely deranged if they ignore me.”

    Because regardless of how lean your client load is right now or how little money you made last year or how few followers you have on TikTok, you are an expert.

    What you have to say is important, and people need to hear it if they want solutions to their problems.

    You have fresh new ideas about your industry, and sharing them will make an actual difference.

    You’ve invested thousands of dollars into training and education, and you know a hell of a lot more than the average jabroni.

    You’re an expert, and you gotta step into that energy if you want other people to see you as an expert too.

    I know how easy it is to get caught up in the reach analytics and the follower numbers and the subscriber data and the algorithms and forget that actually you are trying to do important fucking work here. You have important things to say and do and share and teach, and your people are better off knowing about them.

    If you’re lucky enough to have passion for your work and a vision for the future and a true desire to make an impact, you have a responsibility to show the hell up for it. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Because it’s not about you – it’s about what your expertise can do for other people.

    If you need help seeing the logical evidence of your expertise, you need brand strategy.

    If you need help embracing your expertise so you can show up boldly, you need brand strategy.

    If you need help understanding how your expertise is unique in your industry, you need brand strategy.

    If you need help communicating your expertise to your audience, you need brand strategy.

    If you’re ready to brand yourself boldly, check out Audacious Authority:

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    February 6, 2024





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