how to reject a discount request

    politely and professionally

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    Since you’re looking for some insight on how to reject a discount request, can we just let out a collective “EWWWWWWW” in the name of price-shoppers?

    Because it feels pretty discouraging to invest thousands of dollars into education and thousands of hours into practice to ensure your business is delivering a top-shelf product or service… only to get a bullshit message that says “Hey, I love your work SO much! Do you give discounts?”

    You’re gonna need to stretch your eye-rolling muscles because the obnoxiousness of the discount request question never really goes away, BUT the three simple tactics I’m sharing with you below will make it easy to refuse!

    How to Reject a Discount Request Practically, Professionally, and Politely:

    1. Instead of saying “no” to discount requests, graciously turn the tables and give them the burden of saying no.

    Isn’t this clever as hell?! And the best part is, you’re still being helpful. You’re still offering solutions to their problems. You could tell them about a lower-priced package. Offer an extended payment plan. Invite them to a different opportunity to work with you they might not have seen.

    Reject their request with a neutral, confident response like “I don’t have any discounts available right now, what’s your budget? Great, here’s what I CAN do within your budget. Would you like me to send you the booking form/the link to purchase?” reinforces your position as the authority while also staying friendly and accommodating.

    2. Be empathetic, but not a pushover.

    Being a great salesperson is a delicate balance. You want to give your potential customers enough information and encouragement to make an empowered decision, but you also don’t want to be a manipulative asshole. That means sometimes you might have to hold space for a decision – and accept the possibility that the decision might not be yes.

    Rejecting their request with a caring response like “I don’t currently have any discounts available, but I totally understand feeling like you’re not in a position to make this kind of investment right now. I’ll be here when you’re ready” can release pressure from the decision and put people at ease – and it can actually be a great start to a client relationship because it shows them you genuinely care about their situation.

    Add these people to your leads list and continue fostering the connection – many people will stay in your circle for years before actually buying from you, and that’s okay. Because it’s true: you’ll be here when they’re ready!

    3. The best way to reject a discount request is to make it immediately clear to price-shoppers that you’re offering a top-quality product or service that’s worth every damn penny so they don’t even BOTHER asking for a discount.

    The one thing I see most entrepreneurs struggle with when building their brands is finding the line between being professional & showing their personality.

    It’s frustrating because you want it to be clear that you know what you’re talking about – but you also don’t want to come across with the charisma of an IRS robot. You want to be taken seriously – but you also want your audience to know you’re a real human person who knows how to have a good time.

    There are PLENTY of ways to demonstrate your professionalism: a well-designed website, captivating testimonials, a cohesive visual identity, high-quality headshots, a strict 48 hour window for email replies.

    But sprinkling in some personality is going to make it SO MUCH easier to reject a discount request. Why? Because branding is all about communication, and the more effectively you communicate your value upfront the fewer discount requests you’re going to get.

    If you’re ready to be recognized as an expert so you can stop justifying your value, it’s time to build brand authority.

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    September 2, 2020





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