how to reject a discount request

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    Since you’re looking for advice on how to reject a discount request, can we just let out a collective “BOOOOOOOO” in the name of price-shoppers?

    Because it feels pretty damn discouraging to invest thousands of dollars into education and thousands of hours into practice to ensure your product or service is the best it can be… only to get a heart-wrenching message that says “Hey, I love your work so much! Do you give discounts?”

    The obnoxiousness of this question never really goes away, but hopefully the three tactics I’ll share with you below make it an easy one to answer!

    here’s how to reject a discount request

    (professionally + politely!):

    1. Instead of saying “no” to requests for discounts, graciously turn the tables and give them the burden of saying no. Clever, right?! Give them the option of a different, lower-priced package. Give them an extended payment plan. Give them an invitation to another opportunity to work with you. A response like “I don’t have any discounts available right now, what’s your budget? Great, here’s what I CAN do within your budget. Would you like me to send you the booking form/the link to purchase?” repositions you as the authority while also putting the ball back in their court!

    2. Be empathetic, but not a pushover. “I don’t currently have any discounts available, but I totally understand feeling like you’re not in a position to make this kind of investment right now. I’ll be here when you’re ready.” Add them to your leads list and continue fostering the relationship – many people will stay in your circle for years before actually buying from you, and that’s okay. Because, like you said, you’ll be here when they’re ready!

    3. The most effective to reject a discount request is to make it immediately clear to price-shoppers that you’re offering a top-shelf product or service that’s worth every damn penny so they don’t even bother asking for a discount. There are many ways to communicate this – a well-designed website, captivating testimonials, a cohesive Instagram grid, professional and high-quality images – but before you can make sure your brand looks high-end, you have to start with brand strategy.

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    September 2, 2020


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