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    Welcome to ✨Modern Times,✨ where everyone has an online business, half of those people are in your industry, and the other half are selling courses teaching more people how to enter said industry😂 How are you supposed to make your business unique if everyone is doing the same goddamn thing?!

    This might sound a little catty, but is it not obnoxious to be scrolling social media and see 27 self-proclaimed experts boasting about how they’re the best in YOUR industry?! Especially when it genuinely seems like they know what they’re talking about – because that’s when the comparison sets in and you start to freak out that there’s no way you’ll be able to get anyone’s attention through all this NOISE.

    The truth is, you’re never gonna have a unique business simply by focusing on what you do. There are too many photographers, too many business coaches, too many copywriters for you to possibly get noticed purely on the product or service you offer.

    What a buzzkill, right? (I swear I’m fun at parties – or at least I was at one in 2009.) But I’m not here to crush your dreams. Quite the opposite, actually: as a brand strategist I’m here to help you utilize your unique skills so you can attract your target audience, sell your offers confidently, and make this business a smashing success!

    If you really want to stand out, to be different, to get noticed by your ideal clients, you can’t just build your brand around your occupation or your title.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a potato sack racer, a bonsai tree landscaper, a divorce photographer, a glow-in-the-dark candle maker, a nudist trombonist, or you make tiny clothes for tiny hamsters. What you do doesn’t make you special – it’s all about how and why you do it.

    And this is where brand strategy comes in, because it forces you to articulate the point of your work. It helps you communicate why other people should care. And it empowers you to capitalize on your skills, knowledge and experiences – the combination of which are what makes your business unique.


    Determine why you’re building a brand

    The point of your business is to make a profit, and we don’t need to shy away from that or act like it’s weird or greedy or selfish. Your brand, however, needs a different kind of purpose.

    Besides making money, what are you hoping to achieve with your unique business? How do you hope it will affect people’s lives or your community or the entire world?

    Try to dig a little deeper than just the surface-level or technical aspects of your offer. When you work with someone to solve their problem, how are they changed for the better? What are they able to do or accomplish or become? And why is that important in the grand scheme of, you know, the entire universe?

    Determine how your business is doing things differently than everyone else (your unique value proposition!)

    You and I could be experts in the exact same thing, yet have a completely different approach based on our skills, our perspectives, and the way our brains work.

    And the coolest part is that neither of us are wrong! We could both be incredible at what we do AND get our clients great results – we’re solving similar problems, but we each provide different routes to the finish line.

    When you consider how you’re different, think about things like your skills and talents, your experiences and knowledge, and your methods and modalities. A lot of entrepreneurs get stuck on how to make their business unique because they think it’s going to be ONE thing – but it’s actually a combination of ALL the things that mean one thing to your ideal client.

    If you need help with this, a Brand Strategy Session will be a great investment for you!

    Determine the way you’ll communicate your why and how

    Just knowing your why and how isn’t enough; you also have to be able to communicate it to other people. In the last section I mentioned two experts offering the same thing could get their clients great results via different paths – but the secret is to make sure the right type of clients are finding you. The ones who will thrive with YOUR path. And they can’t find you unless you market and share your message effectively.

    So make sure you’re talking about your why and how in your content. Share your perspectives and insights. Sprinkle in some personality. Making your business unique is really straightforward if you’re willing to embrace what makes YOU unique!

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    June 14, 2021





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