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    Before we get into how to generate brand awareness, I must be a responsible brand strategist with the caveat that brand awareness is never the actual goal. The goal for your business is profit – the goal for your brand is impact.

    But visibility for your brand IS a crucial stepping stone to those goals! Generating more brand awareness means capturing more attention. Which means more awesome people coming into your world. More awesome people in your community. More awesome people in your pool of potential buyers. And all of that means: more awesome people who have problems you can solve!

    Okay, ready to talk about how to generate brand awareness? (Yes of course, you were BORN ready). Let’s party:

    How to generate brand awareness so you can grow your audience:

    1. Focus on one or two marketing platforms and use them really, really well

    Quality over quantity is especially important if you’re a mighty team of one – there’s only so much time! But it’s totally possible to market your business effectively in just a few hours a week; the trick is to make sure you’re using that time efficiently.

    So focus on just one or two platforms and use them to the absolute best of your ability. Pay attention to trends, best practices, and platform updates. Share quality, helpful content and post consistently. Interact authentically with the people who are engaging with your content. Plan your content and schedule in advance so you’re not exhausted by always marketing in real time.

    As you think about how to generate brand awareness with your marketing, remember: it isn’t about being in ALL the places, it’s about being in the right places in the right way at the right time.

    2. Add another platform or outlet to your marketing strategy

    If you’ve already mastered the previous tip, have repeatable systems and processes in place, and it’s all running like a well-oiled machine, it might be time to add another cherry to your marketing strategy sundae!

    But instead of randomly choosing one because you saw another entrepreneur do it, think about which platforms your ideal clients are hanging out on and how they’re using those platforms. Generating brand awareness doesn’t work when you’re trying to get the attention of people who don’t actually have the problem you solve.

    You’ll also want to consider how you can repurpose the content you’re already creating – which platforms complement each other? Can your YouTube videos turn into TikToks? Can your Medium articles be shortened into Instagram captions? Can your podcast episodes be transcribed into blog posts? Just because you’ll be marketing in another place doesn’t mean you have to add a whole new layer to your workload.

    3. Collaborate with other business owners

    Whether you’re joining forces to host a workshop or masterclass, develop a new product or service, or have a public conversation about a hot topic, getting in front of other peoples’ audiences is a FANTASTIC way to generate brand awareness!

    So how do you find the right people to collaborate with? Think about the connections you’ve made in your business so far. Fellow entrepreneurs who are already in your network. What do your ideal clients have in common with theirs? Which values and beliefs do you share? How do you solve similar problems in different ways? 

    Collaborating is a quick and effective way to build trust with a whole new group of people because the relationship you have with your collaborator gives you their instant stamp of approval.

    4. Look for opportunities to be the expert (this is the fastest way to increase your brand awareness!)

    If you know you’re sharing helpful & valuable information but don’t feel like you’re getting enough eyeballs on your work, it might be time to find another stage to steal the spotlight on! Seek out new places and mediums to share what you know – look into guest blog posting, speaking events, summits looking for keynote speakers, or podcast guesting. Getting in front of someone else’s engaged audience is a great way to generate more brand awareness.

    (And if any of those things sound scary, that’s probably a good sign it’s an opportunity to expand your comfort zone!)

    5. Start conversations with other humans

    If this one seems almost TOO simple, that’s because it is! But it’s also extremely powerful, and a brand awareness technique that’s often overlooked.

    The internet made marketing easier, but also noisier. Sometimes the best way to cut through that noise and stand out is to simply talk to people directly. This goes for online relationships as well as in person!

    Say a genuine hello to people at the brewery. Leave meaningful comments on their Instagram photos. Email your thoughts about their latest blog post. Ask your connections if they can introduce you to anyone who might need your services. Send DMs and IMs and PMs. Make people feel noticed and important, and I guarantee you will get their attention!

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    February 17, 2023





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