how to build trust with your customers

    Know! Like! Trust!

    We hear those buzzwords everywhere in the marketing world, but let’s dig a little deeper into the trust part – because while you can’t have one without the other two, the trust factor really is the most important for actually closing a sale. And as for how to build trust with your customers, let’s take a peep at this conversation between the owner of a lash studio and their eager potential client:

    Client: What do you charge for lash extensions?

    Business owner: I’m still working on my website so I don’t have my pricing page set up yet lol, but I charge $100 for a full set of classic lashes and $150 for a full set of volume and $65 for a fill. But I’m thinking about having a sale for 20% off! Let me know if you want an appointment.

    TELL ME I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE CRINGING WHILE READING THAT?! Can you dissect why was it so awkward? What’s wrong? What’s missing? What shouldn’t be there at all?

    It felt very flighty, didn’t it? Not very professional. Not very helpful. Not very confident.

    Because that’s how to build trust with your customers: it all comes down to confidence, baby.

    Confidence in how your brand sets the tone for working with you. Confidence in your ability to fully understand your customer’s problems, needs, and desires. Confidence in your ability to guide them to their desired transformation. Confidence in the way you present the opportunity for them to experience that transformation. And yes – even though you’ll hate me for this – confidence in directly asking for the sale.

    Fake it ’til you make it, feel the fear and do it anyway, leap and the net will appear… no matter how many ways you say it, the fact is in order to grow you have to do things before you feel ready. You have to put yourself in the spotlight when it’s scary. You have to get vulnerable. You have to push yourself past comfort zones. You have to be visible to get noticed. And the only way to do any of that is with confidence.

    Confidence isn’t always a talent or a skill. But it is always a choice. It’s a decision you make in every moment about whether you’re going to evolve or stay small. How would your business change if you showed up as your most confident self in every situation, every single day?

    Let’s try that conversation again, but this time with a little more zeal:

    Client: What do you charge for lash extensions?

    Business owner: Hi [insert potential client’s name because you took the time to look for it]! Thanks for reaching out about lash extensions – what kind are you after?

    Client: I’m not sure, I’ve never had them. I think I like the classic but the volumes are pretty too.

    Business owner: They’re both gorgeous, but it depends on the look you’re going for. Are you familiar with hybrid lashes? They’re a combination of classic and volume. They’re actually my favorite look! Here’s a set I did recently: [insert photo from portfolio.] What do you think of those?

    Client: Wow, I love those!

    Business owner: They’re the best of both worlds, right?! Do you have an event coming up, or you just want to try lashes out?

    Client: I just want to try them – I’m so tired of wearing mascara.

    Business owner: I totally get it – it’s awesome to roll out of bed and basically be ready for the day. Right now I’m booking new clients for May, and hybrid lashes are $160. Appointments are about 1-2 hours long, but some of my clients get so relaxed they actually fall asleep – haha! Would you like me to send you a direct link to my online booking form?

    Which lash artist would YOU book an appointment with? The one who gives you confusing information, or the one who sounds like an expert AND takes the time to make you feel important?

    When you’re confident about the way you do business, it will inspire confidence in your customers. They’ll believe you can actually help them achieve the results they want, they’ll trust that you will deliver what you promise, and they’ll be excited to work with you because you make them feel like they actually matter.

    Confidence is how to build trust with your customers. Confidence is also a choice – choose wisely.

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    June 1, 2020


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