how to build trust with your customers

    3 branding techniques to help you grow a loyal following

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    If you’ve been a business owner for at least the last five minutes, you’ve definitely heard of “know, like trust.” But let’s dig a little deeper into that last word because it’s the most important part of actually building a community, fostering genuine relationships, and – of course – closing sales. Today I’m teaching you how to build trust with your customers by using three underrated yet powerful branding techniques!

    How to build trust with your customers quickly + easily

    1. Build trust with confidence

    Confidence isn’t just about knowing you’re offering a stellar product or service. It’s not even about knowing you’re better than the competition. But it DOES have a lot to do with understanding exactly why your product or service is the better choice for your ideal client. (Please note the distinction!)

    Having a clear grasp on the logic and practicality of your brand positioning of this is GOLD when it comes to marketing content creation – and especially when it comes to selling to your customers (which you can’t do without building trust!).

    Why? Because when you have confidence in what makes you unique, your selling process transforms from just a way to make money into the ability to offer specific solutions to specific problems.

    Confidence doesn’t mean arrogance, but you taking charge and leading the way makes it easy for your customers to solve their problems and move toward their desired transformation. When it comes to how to build trust with your customers, viewing marketing and selling as a service instead of just a necessarily evil makes it way more effective – and fun!

    2. Build trust with consistency

    Consistency can be applied to a lot of areas of business, but it really comes down to delivering on the promises you’re making on a frequent basis. In other words: build trust with potential customers by doing what you say you’re gonna do when you say you’re gonna do it.

    When you set expectations and boundaries ahead of time, people will learn they can depend on you. And since human brains LOVE being right, knowing what to expect puts us all at ease.

    And you might hate me for this, but consistency also applies to your marketing! Being steadily visible reminds your audience subconsciously that you’re still kickin’, doing what you do, and even though they might not require your services right now? You’ll stay top of mind when they do.

    So no more disappearing off the internet for 3 months at a time, okay? (Click here if you need some tips for avoiding marketing burnout!) You can build trust with your customers simply by being consistent.

    3. Build trust with communication

    Communication is, hands down, the most underestimated branding technique there is. And that’s a shame, because it’s so damn simple!

    Remember- your brand is all about how you make people feel. And I’ve said this a million times but I’ll say it again: branding is not a manipulative process meant to control perception. It’s simply about doing business in a way that makes people feel the way you want them to feel.

    So are you making them feel seen, heard, valuable, important? Do they feel like you understand their goals and problems? Are you responding to messages and emails in a timely fashion? Keeping the conversation going when it makes sense to? Reaching out to past clients just to ask how they’re doing? Being really clear with instructions, and leaving room for further explanation if needed?

    Building trust with your customers is all about building relationships, and you can’t do that without a clear line of communication.

    If you need some guidance for building a brand that makes you a trustworthy choice for your ideal clients, check out Audacious Authority:

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    June 1, 2020





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