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    “Just be more confident!” Can we all agree that’s the least helpful advice IN THE HISTORY OF EVER? We need more information! More practical steps! We need to know how to build confidence in business! A massive part of having a successful brand and business rooted in confidence. Confidence to do cool stuff like:

    • Consistently share how you can help people (AKA: market effectively)

    • Naturally make new connections and foster existing relationships (The most fun way to network)

    • Invest in tools and programs that will help you grow (Coaching! Courses! Outsourcing! Systems!)

    • Stick to your values and beliefs (Because if you don’t, you may as go well work for someone else)

    Repeat your message over and over and over again (Even when it feels like no one is listening)

    • Set and enforce your boundaries (So you don’t feel icky about doing business)

    • Accept challenges you don’t feel ready for (Which paradoxically is also the fastest way to build confidence in business!)

    • Step outside your comfort zone (Always scary, always worth it)

    • Create opportunities and experiment with your process (Intentional trial and error is a strategy!)

    Use your voice to speak up about the shit that really matters (The coolest part of having a platform)

    • Express your personality (And stop hiding behind a watered-down version of yourself)

    But here’s a fresh take on confidence: your confidence doesn’t only serve you – it also serves others. Building confidence in business empowers you to step into your role as an expert, which means you’re able to more effectively help other people.

    It encourages you to use your talents and skills to help people succeed and find joy in their lives, relationships, and businesses.

    And your confidence inspires others to be more confident so they can show up for their people in the same way.

    So not choosing to build confidence as a business owner is actually a disservice to your entire community. HOT DAMN.

    To me, confidence is the willingness to risk being judged in order to become the person you want to be. And the best part is the more you practice, the easier it becomes. When things don’t work out the way you planned, you learn from your mistakes. You learn to trust yourself and your intuition. You begin to believe in yourself because you’ve seen what’s worked in the past.

    You need to know how to build confidence in business, but you also have to actively choose confidence in order to practice it.

    So instead of just telling you to be more confident, here’s how to build confidence in business with two actionable steps:

    1. Confidence is never the end goal – figure out the reason why you want to be more confident instead.

    Write down an honest reflection of where you feel you are now, define what being “more confident” means to you, and focus on what that confidence will allow you to do in your personal life, your business, your community, and your relationships.

    2. Work on your brand strategy development.

    When you understand exactly what you do (your offer), exactly who you do it for (your ideal clients), and how you do what you do differently (your positioning), confidence comes easily because you truly understand how what you’re selling benefits others – and therefore the entire world.

    Building confidence in your business is way easier when you understand how to leverage your unique expertise:

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    March 9, 2021





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