how to build brand authority as an entrepreneur

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    “Brand authority” is really just a fancy way of saying people believe you know what the hell you’re doing. Today we’re talking about how to build brand authority as an entrepreneur since it’s such an invaluable tool for positioning yourself as an expert and attracting high-level clients!

    What does having brand authority mean and why does it matter?

    If you have brand authority, it means your audience views you as knowledgeable and proficient. It refers to the level of trust they have in your ability to solve problems, and how willing they are to defer to your judgment because they value and respect your perspectives.

    You already know branding is important, but building brand authority should be a priority for any expert entrepreneur – especially those of us who are actively trying to revolutionize our industries, innovate standard processes, disrupt the status quo, and/or change the world 🤗

    The benefits of building brand authority

    Intentionally positioning yourself as an expert who solves a specific problem is a win/win/win.

    In the process of building brand authority, you’re gonna be actively looking for ways to showcase your expertise.

    You’ll be publishing more content to share your insights and perspectives, which means more eyeballs on that content and the potential for more audience growth.

    You’ll likely receive invitations to collaborate with other experts, and getting in front of someone else’s audience for a specific topic is a fantastic way to generate qualified leads for your offers.

    And because you’ll be establishing the value of your expertise upfront, the leads who inquire about working with you are going to be more willing to pay your prices because they’ll already trust that you can solve their problems.

    How building brand authority is different for large corporations vs small business entrepreneurs

    Corporations largely assert their authority in the form of advertising. They have million-dollar marketing budgets, so they use that to craft a narrative around their brand that inevitably gets seen by their target audience (we all know how inescapable ads are).

    Small business entrepreneurs typically don’t have millions of dollars to throw at advertising, so we need to focus on more organic methods. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It just means we need to be more strategic about HOW we communicate our message, WHERE we communicate our message, and WHO we’re communicating it to.

    It also means we need to choose marketing strategies that play to our strengths, are possible to maintain with our current resources, and are fun enough to do consistently.

    How to start building your brand authority

    To be perfectly honest, there are infinite ways to build your brand authority as an entrepreneur. You can publish valuable content consistently. You can network with industry peers and share platforms. You can look for media opportunities to share your expertise.

    And while I could list a bunch more in this post, we need to address the lesser-known side of brand authority that most entrepreneurs ignore or try to brush past:

    Do you actually have the confidence to position yourself as an authority in your space? Do you have the balls to pitch yourself to podcasts, the courage to boldly share your opinions online even if they offend people, and the audacity to invite people to follow you as you lead a movement?

    Because all of the authority-building tactics in the world won’t help if you’re not willing to put them into action.

    So if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to build brand authority but isn’t 100% sure of your ability to take the necessary steps, I’d love to invite you to sign up for Audacious Authority!

    It’s my totally free video training that teaches you how to leverage your unique expertise so you can confidently position yourself as an authority in your space.

    It’s practical, it’s actionable, it takes less than an hour to implement, and did I mention it’s free?

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    March 27, 2024





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