how to be taken seriously as a new entrepreneur

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    My brilliant friend Sam over at Sammy Sees recently asked her Instagram followers what tips they have to be taken seriously at work, and since I’ve pivoted so many times in my business her question inspired me to share my top 4 tips on how to be taken seriously as a new entrepreneur.

    Being the greenhorn walking into an established market can be straight up terrifying – especially if your industry is notorious for gatekeeping. It feels like everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing, everyone has their shit together, everyone is successful, everyone knows all the rules and secrets. So when you show up, as their competition, it’s easy to feel like you’re out of your league or you don’t belong.

    But guess what? Every damn one of those people was once a new entrepreneur too. If you truly have a desire to bring value to your clients, industry, and community with your business, you DO belong. And it’s your responsibility to start feeling like it so that you can show up powerfully.

    How to be Taken Seriously As a New Entrepreneur:

    1. If you want other people to take you seriously as an entrepreneur, first you have to take yourself seriously.

    Which means if you feel like an imposter, it’s up to you to give your brain the evidence it needs to know you are absolutely phenomenal at what you do and have the potential to get even better.

    “Evidence” will be different for all of us, but it could look like: writing down 50 times you kicked ass. Asking for testimonials or reviews. Upping your weekly practice time. Looking at old work to see how much progress you’ve made. Investing in training or certifications.

    Unless you’re a narcissist, doubting yourself is normal as a new entrepreneur – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking action to crush that doubt.

    2. You need unshakeable in your philosophy.

    You gotta be so grounded in your big idea / reason for doing what you do that it would take the Spartan army, 10 margaritas, a call from the president, and a middle school powerpoint presentation to convince you otherwise.

    Knowing exactly WHAT you do is 1000x more powerful when you also know WHY you do it – the why is what will keep you going even on the days you’re feeling confused, inadequate, or unmotivated. Being rooted in your why is how to be taken seriously as a new entrepreneur.

    3. You must have tunnel vision when it comes to your mission.

    You must understand how your skills, knowledge, and expertise are valuable. You must share them generously. You must be willing to say what you need to say without fear of offending people. You must be willing to repeat your message over and over and over again, even if you’re sick of it.

    You must trust that the right people will hear it and take it seriously. You must trust that they will take action after hearing it. You must believe that even though some people won’t like you, that’s okay because they’re not your people.

    4. Above all, to be taken seriously as a new entrepreneur, you must build a strong brand.

    I mean OBVIOUSLY this was going to make the list! Honestly though, nothing has made me more confident as a business owner than understanding exactly what I do, who I do it for, how I do it differently than anyone else, and why any of it matters.

    Choosing to operate within the scope of your brand is what makes your business unique, so taking the time to figure it out isn’t vanity – it’s strategy. Especially as a new entrepreneur.

    Now that you know how to be taken seriously as a new entrepreneur, it’s time to start standing out as an expert in your industry!

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    October 27, 2022





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