give yourself some grace

    It feels like we’re living in two realities.

    On one hand, a lot of us have been awakened to what’s actually going on in America, especially for people of color. We recognize the glaring flaws in our justice system. We see through the pushed narratives of mainstream media. We realize we deserve better than our current leaders. We understand that political money and power will always trump our wellbeing as citizens.

    So we feel the call of a new responsibility – as Americans but also humans. A responsibility to fight for racial equality, to break down the current system of oppression, to educate ourselves about our country’s real history, to be more active members of a progressive society.

    But on the other hand….

    WE GOT BILLS, Y’ALL. We got full-time businesses to run. Student loans to pay off. Relationships to foster. Workouts to crush. Books and articles to read. Cars to take to the mechanic. Goals to work toward. Groceries to buy. Families to support. Dinners to plan. All while living through a pandemic.

    And despite living in multiple realities simultaneously, we still only have 24 fucking hours in a day???

    We loooooove a strong, passionate fictional character who’s willing to risk it all to tear down their system of oppression, don’t we?! It’s empowering to embrace that side of ourselves when we think about solutions to our country’s problems. And Katniss Everdeen is inspiring as hell in that regard… but Katniss Everdeen didn’t have bills to pay.

    It may feel like you’re living in two realities, but you STILL only have 24 hours in a day. So please take this post as a reminder to give yourself grace. However you’re feeling about the world and America right now is valid. Having a thousand thoughts but not being able to articulate them is valid. Feeling angry one minute and hopeful the next is valid.

    Doing only the bare minimum some days is valid.

    As long as you’re truly showing up for yourself and your fellow humans in the best way you can, every single day, that’s enough.

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    January 13, 2021





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