you’re allowed to feel your feelings, but not this one.

    Melancholy: an adjective that was once reserved only to describe the half-dressed subjects of Renaissance paintings, but has now somehow slithered (uninvited, I might add – rude) into our modern-day workweek.

    By 10 a.m. we’ve conquered the frustration, the sadness, the self-doubt – and by 10:10 we’re crying into the bottom of our quarantine snacks that were supposed to last until the end of the month.

    THIS IS OKAY. I mean it utterly sucks, but it’s okay.

    We all have permission from the Bureau of Emotions to feel what we feel without apology. (I don’t work for the Bureau, by the way. I just overheard a meeting on my way to the liquor store.) Yup, you are hereby officially allowed to feel all your feelings… all of them except guilt.

    Unless you’re doing something absolutely ludicrous that may cause others harm (you know, like coughing on produce at the grocery store or going to social gatherings or leaving your house for ANY REASON OTHER THAN SUPPLIES OR EXERCISE), you are simply not allowed to feel guilty for:

    • Losing patience with your partner or kids or pets or roommates or parents

    • Feeling sad when you have “so much to be grateful for!”

    • Ignoring texts and calls if you don’t feel like talking right now

    • Getting angry because this was supposed to be YOUR YEAR (ugh I feel this one)

    • Keeping your job while your coworkers are losing theirs

    • Having another scoop of pasta and skipping your workout

    • Skipping another scoop of pasta and having your workout

    • Pouring yourself into your work instead of comforting others

    • Being grateful that the world was forced to slow the fuck down (yeah, I said it)

    • Logging off of social media to cut down the noise

    • Spending hours at a time on social media for connection

    • Feeling inspired instead of anxious

    You are not allowed to feel guilty about getting your shit together and processing however you need to process. It may feel like the world is crumbling. Your world might actually be crumbling. And we’ll wait for you, but as impossible as it might seem, we NEED you to come back to us with a fire lit under your ass, ready to show up as your best self.

    We’re depending on you to share the lessons you’ve learned from this. To process your feelings, and then share what you create from them: your art, your stories, your guidance, your ideas, your solutions, your encouragement.

    We need you to share the lessons you’ve learned from your feelings so that we can better understand ours.

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    April 9, 2020



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