how to cultivate an authentic and strategic brand

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    I was recently a guest on the You Betcha She Did! Podcast – a show that highlights Wisconsin women entrepreneurs hosted by Rayna Rokicki, founder of Ladies First Digital Media Co. (Rayna is a brilliant podcast and YouTube producer!) The episode is only 25 minutes long – perfect for a walk around the neighborhood with your pup (or a commute to the liquor store).

    🎙️Click here to listen to the episode

    In addition to a conversation about how to cultivate an authentic and strategic brand, we also hit hot topics like:

    • How I became a brand strategist and why I pivoted from photography

    • Why being your authentic human self makes your brand more powerful

    • The five simple steps to building your brand

    • The right and wrong way to niche (yes, there’s a wrong way!)

    • Why you gotta share your message over and over and over again and not feel annoying about it

    • How to choose the best marketing platform

    It’s a quick episode, just 25 minutes long, but packed with a ton of value:

    🎙️Click here to listen to the episode

    If you’ve listened to the episode already, tell me your biggest takeafway in the comments!

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    January 9, 2024





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