Why Building a Strong Brand Matters

    Social media can be such a powerful tool, and such a detrimental waste of energy.

    I’ve been seeing so many posts, messages, and comments from people this week about how frustrating it is to be overwhelmed by social media – to have a billion thoughts and feelings but not be able to express them with words. They want to be present online, to share their values and beliefs, to connect with their communities, but they just can’t.

    And I’m here to tell you that if you can’t right now…


    We’re so inundated with information now, from everywhere, 24/7, that by the time we’ve processed how we feel and know what we want to say in response to ONE event or tragedy – two more already happened. And it’s almost like there’s an unspoken expectation that because we have access to information in real time, that means we need to react publicly in real time, too. But that’s not necessary, and it’s often impossible (especially for those of us who process internally, not externally. We can’t talk about it until we think about it!).

    It’s okay to log off, unplug, and process offline. It’s okay to not have the words to immediately express your feelings.

    We feel pressured to speak our minds and share opinions about things instantly because cancel culture feels like a constant threat. We don’t want to offend anyone by not speaking up, but we also don’t want to offend other people by saying the wrong thing. So instead we say nothing – waiting for things to “get back to normal” or shutting down because we feel overwhelmed.

    It’s okay to take the time you need to process – as long as you come back strong when you’re ready. Because I believe that if you have a platform, you have a duty to use it responsibly. You have a duty to start conversations, share factual information, and inspire your community to fight for change.

    That’s why building a strong brand is so important in business.

    ✅ A strong brand protects you as you step away to process + as you step back onto your digital soapbox to speak your truth.

    ✅ A strong brand empowers you to think outside your industry + encourages you to make business decisions based on your values.

    ✅ A strong brand guides you to speak your mind about the shit you believe in + allows you to be unconcerned about whether you’ll offend people who disagree.
    I’m about to serve you some truth cocktails, and I want you to be open to them ok?

    🤐 If sharing your thoughts and opinions about political news, current events, and social movements doesn’t feel “on brand” for you… you have a weak brand.

    ⛈ If you tend to “wait for the storm to pass” instead of speaking up online about current events and tragedies… you have a weak brand.

    ⬛️ If you posted a black square last June and have since said absolutely nothing about race, our justice system, or America’s history (you know who you are)… you have a weak brand.

    If you’re thinking, “why does branding matter? I have a business, I’m making money, why should I care about my brand?”

    A strong brand matters because using your platform responsibly matters.

    Talking about the change you want to see in your country matters.

    Making the people in your circle know they’re safe and supported matters.

    Using your business not just as a way to make money, but also as a tool to impact the world matters.

    That’s why building a strong brand matters.

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    January 15, 2021