The Branding Mistake That’s Sabotaging Your Success

    The decision to build a high-end brand might have you shaking in your business boots, especially if you’re used to working your ass off while still somehow managing to be a starving artist. There’s something about the starving artist persona that almost feels good, isn’t there? Like the harder we work, the more we deserve to get paid. So we run ourselves into the ground over and over and over again until we eventually realize there HAS to be a better way. (And there is! You don’t have to keep making this branding mistake.)

    Honestly, what’s the point of working for yourself if you’re not making all the rules? If your life is molded around your business instead of the other way around? If, despite being the boss, you’re still restricted to circumstances outside your control?

    You didn’t start your businesses to have yet another job! Ew! You started it because you crave freedom. And since time is the only thing we can’t get back, jurisdiction of your time is the ultimate freedom.

    A high-end brand allows you to earn more money (and work fewer hours!) because you’ll be attracting clients who are willing to pay higher prices for quality. But more importantly, having a high-end brand allows you to work on your own terms. Being a hot commodity within your industry gives you the freedom to make decisions like setting your own schedule, creating your own policies, being picky about the clients you take on, standing firm against price-shoppers and problem clients, booking as many or as few clients as you want, structuring your sessions however you choose, and creating your products however you see fit.
    Can you dig it?

    It would be a mistake to avoid evolving into a high-end brand based on the fact that charging a higher price for a higher-quality product or service makes you less accessible. It’s true – it does. But if being accessible means sacrificing the ability to serve your clients and customers in the best way you can, you’re actually doing them more of a disservice than if they weren’t able to work with you at all.

    Because after YEARS of experience pouring yourself into your work, honing your craft, and mastering your skills, don’t you want to do the absolute best work you’re capable of? Create to the best of your abilities? Help people the best way you know how?

    You deserve to get paid premium prices for a premium product or service. You deserve to work with clients and customers who appreciate the value of what you do. And you deserve the freedom to do business on your own terms because you have worked hard as hell for it.

    Want to learn how I can help you establish a high-end brand?

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    April 28, 2020